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Braun Aroma Deluxe KF510

by Dorenda

- It comes with all the distinguished features of a Braun product.

- It is known to produce fast and flavorful coffee of any taste you like.
- The carafe has a design that is most commonly known as open-handle.
- The handle of the carafe is designed to make it comfortable for you to carry.

- Special care has been taken in designing the coffee maker to ensure that you find it easy to use.
- It comes with a water reservoir that has a wide mouth to ensure you can pour the water easily. the water level indicator to determine the level of the water in the reservoir.

KF 510 Cons:

- It has no timer or clock so that you can pre-set a time.
- Lacks automatic on and off.
- No indication or beeping sound to indicate that brewing has finished.
- The water tends to pass through the coffee too quickly which might not give the strong coffee flavor many people like.

Comments for Braun Aroma Deluxe KF510

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Mar 11, 2010
love this coffee maker
by: Anonymous

I just love my coffee maker! I purchased it for under $50 but I feel like it is worth $100. This is the most easy to use and accessible coffee maker I have ever owned. I was tempted to purchased a more expensive coffee maker, but I ended up buying this one and I am so glad I did! My only dislike with this coffee maker is the fact that brewing can take a short while.

If you do not have patience and want your coffee fast, I would not recommend this one. I always put my coffee on way in advance, so this coffee maker turns out to be perfect for me. It is nice looking, affordable and it gets the job done. The quality of it is awesome considering the price of it. I absolutely fell in love with it and purchased one for my mother and two sisters as a gift.

We have coffee dates at each other homes from time to time and I thought this was a great gift to give. It does not included a timer or anything, but really I do not need one anyway. The simple design will match any kitchen and can blend with your personal color scheme. I personally do not needed a coffee maker with a ton of buttons and different functions. My only goal when brewing coffee is to have a fresh cup of coffee in the end.

I would strongly suggest that anyone looking for a simple and inexpensive coffee maker to purchase the Braun Aroma Deluxe! With Christmas being right around the corner, it would also make a great gift for the coffee lovers in your family. It is well made and looks as though it will last for a long time.

Apr 04, 2009
A run of the mill inconvenient coffee machine
by: Robert Stoms

This sleek looking easy to use filter drip coffee maker is very mediocre, however it get's the job done. The filter area is quick to jam sometimes, and despite best efforts, coffee is not kept hot for very long. However, for the price, I believe it is a good value.

The problem tends to be that the machine will not heat the water to a high enough temperature which I believe to affect the quality of the coffee that is brewed. Being a former barista, I tend to only use this machine when I have company, being that it is so quick and easy to use. Otherwise, I suggest using a french press for a higher quality cup of java. However, if you are a regular, not so picky coffee drinker, and can find a good sale on the Aroma Deluxe, go for it. It's your run of the mill filter drip automatic machine.

The timer is a nice function, it allows you to wake up coffee being brewed which saves me a lot of time in the morning rush. The carafe is not easily cleaned and will not dry easily. I have tried many times by hand and in the dishwasher and it is very difficult to dry it. This causes a problem because as you know when water residue is left in, mildew and other not so friendly things will grow. Not very appealing for a cup of coffee. This machine was a disappointment to me, a coffee expert of sorts, and I will probably be buying a new machine shortly.

I do not know why it is called "deluxe", as there is nothing fancy about it. The coffee is mediocre. The machine is flimsy and jams. The carafe is completely inconvenient. Overall, it is what you'd expect for the price, a run of the mill inconvenient coffee machine.

Apr 04, 2009
Fast and convenient
by: Anonymous

I have a Braun Aroma deluxe coffee maker. I am very satisfied with the product. I use it almost every day in the morning as well as in the evening. You need to put the coffee powder and water and within few minutes as much as ten cups of coffee will come out of it after filtering, really fast and convenient to use. I have been using my coffee maker for a year and I haven’t found any problem with it.

The filter is easily detachable and is dish washer safe. The coffee made in a coffee machine tastes better than ordinary coffee made the usual way. The actual taste and the aroma are not lost while making coffee in a coffee maker. I got the inspiration for buying the coffee maker on seeing the machine in one of the famous coffee shop in our area. The coffee was so tasty that since then I wanted to have one coffee machine at my home. Hence I decided to buy one. I found a lot of coffee maker machines of various brand at the appliance shop, this brand of Braun caught my attention.

The coffee machine is very attractive so I decided to purchase it. As soon as I brought it home I read the manual and installed it. I made two cups of coffee for me and my husband and when it was brewing the strong aroma was filling the air and each of us had our cup of coffee which was really very tasty and refreshing.

The machine is now very useful and we make our coffee in it. Whenever guests come we make the coffee in our coffee maker very quickly. We have received good comments form them. After adding milk and sugar according to your taste a nice cup of coffee can be had any time by just switching on the switch of the coffee maker.

Mar 09, 2009
Doesn’t leak or drip
by: Anonymous

I have had the Braun Aroma KF 510 Coffee Maker for a few weeks now. I am satisfied with the use and operation of the machine. My last coffee maker quit unexpectedly one morning and I needed something new right away... You probably know the feeling! This is a quality coffee maker at a really great price. I like the overall design very well and it looks good.

I’ve used a couple coffee makers that the handle was awkward or the carafe itself was kind of thin and flimsy. This one is great. It is easy to clean and it doesn’t leak or drip, which is a real plus. This machine does not have some of the common features that I have come to rely on, so I expect to do some research and buy another coffee maker soon. I will keep this one for a great back up, or when I need to make extra coffee, or decaf for my parents.

It does have the pause and pour feature, which is hard to live without anymore - once you have used it, you “need” to be able to get your first cup before it has all been brewed!!

The main feature I am missing in this coffee maker is the auto shut off. I am just too paranoid about leaving the house with small appliances still going. I don’t actually do it very often, but I really do worry about it, so for me that will be money well spent for peace of mind. I knew this coffee maker didn’t have the auto shut off feature when I purchased it, but I thought I would be fine with it. Now that I have had it awhile, I see that it is important to me and something to put on the “must have” list. If it weren’t for that, I would keep this coffee maker as my number one!

Nov 30, 2008
One problem: it is easy to spill the coffee
by: Anonymous

Coffee makers are -- or should be -- simple machines, taking only the necessary amount of space, not pretentious, easy to use. This design fits all of those requirements admirably.

It is at once sturdier than other makes/models at the same price point, and not configured to look as if it is either your mother's machine or one that might fit well in a space station kitchen. The rubberized sleeve on the pot handle provides both stability and comfort for pouring.

The punch-out red power button is a more insistent reminder than the typical M&M-sized light, especially important for those who leave the pot on into the day. All components are easy to remove and dishwasher safe. The only downside is the pouring spout on the pot. Especially with a full pot, it's easy to spill.

All in all, a good choice. For me, it replaces a much more expensive Cuisinart model that was larger, but tended to malfunction. It is pretty widely available in most areas.

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