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Bosch Blade MKM6003UC Coffee Grinder

I have been using Bosch Blade Coffee Grinder Black MKM6003UC for the past six months and it grinds fine. A friend of ours recommended this coffee grinder for us. It has got stylish look and it weighs about 900 grams. It occupies only 120 cubic inches and it is so compact. This coffee grinder has the holding capacity of nearly 85 grams. We can view its grinding operation through its transparent lids. It can be plugged on any board that has 180 watts power supply. The body of this grinder is made of shock-proof plastic which resists its users from electric shock, hence it is safe to use by people of any age. This coffee grinder features stainless steel blades which are a special kind of beater blade system that can grind coffee seeds in to granules in an uniform manner. The grinding operation can be varied from coarse to fine, based on operation time. There is a push button for controlling these operations. This machine also features a safety lid switch. This machine can be used to grind mills seeds, some spice items and also shelled nuts. It is also easy to clean this grinder after use. This machine costs about $38.98.

- The Bosch coffee grinder has an unique design of grinding chamber which is slightly tilted .
- This feature always keeps the coffee beans in the path of the blades. It grinds everything without any noise.

- The capacity of this grinder is somewhat smaller. The power cord provided with this machine does not have any specific protection.
- winding it after use may cause damage to the cord. The inner tray cannot be removed while cleaning. Even though it has been directed to wipe and clean the tray with some cloth, it is impossible to clean it thoroughly.

Rating 4 out of 5 the best).

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