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Bosch B30 Gourmet Espresso Coffee Center

It is easy to handle and clean. Both the options for making espresso and coffee are easy to use. The size of the machine is compact and can fit into any corner.The display and appearance of the control panel is easy to understand and instructions are in detail.

The design of the machine is sleek , the quality of coffee at every sip is consistent with the same taste.This model saves energy and has a display of about 10-12 coffee options.The boiler is made up of good quality stainless steel.

The message display digital screen helps you to know and follow all the instructions of using and cleaning the machine. Detailed care and protection with handling and all accessories come with the machine itself. The customer service provided is quick and reliable.

- easy to use and clean
- great design

- a bit expensive
- delicate to handle

3 out of 5

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