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Bodum Travel Press with Personalized Insert. 10660-01B

by Alden
(Boulder, Colorado)

I love this coffee maker! I have had it for, oh, about a year now, and it is one of the best things that I own, period. First, French press coffee is outstanding. The natural oils of the coffee are not filtered out. The coffee I make with this press is noticeably different and better than what I get at coffee houses.

Second, this device allows me to make just the right amount of coffee. As a single guy, I don't need a huge pot of coffee. This press also saves me clean-up. Rather than brewing in a press and then transferring to a mug, you drink straight out of the press.

Third, by unscrewing the bottom cap, you can insert any kind of photo or image into the clear thermos space. I had a cool star ward thing in there for a while. If you are into coffee, it is very fun to be able to make the whole thing your own. Instead of having some mass produced object that is the same as everyone else's, you get to have a unique way of drinking coffee. Very cool.

Now, the one problem with the press is that it is not liquid tight. I'd like to press my coffee then snap the spout shut and throw the thing in my bag. Unfortunately, coffee will leak out of the spout cap and around the top of the press rod. So, it won't spill at all if you put it in the cup holder of your car. But, it is not truly a liquid tight thermos. I wish it was.

All in all, I definitely recommend the Bodum personalized travel press. It makes just the right amount of delicious coffee (OK, a bit more wouldn't hurt!) and the personalization window is a truly enjoyable feature. It is durable, easy to clean, and nicely designed.

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