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Bodum Chambord 8-cup Coffee Press

by Greg

Coffee isn't supposed to make you tired. Coffee is supposed to wake you up and get you going. But I was tired of coffee.

Too many drip-coffee makers had disappointed me. The water never got hot enough. The coffee was either weak and bitter or too strong to imbibe. So I looked around online for a solution and lo and behold, it came.

Buy a French Press. I chose the Bodum Chambord 8-cup Coffee Press and coffee didn't make me tired any more.

The beauty of the french press is the ability to control everything. Not just how hot the water gets, but how long the beans steep and how strong the brew will be.

Here's how it works: You put your ground coffee at the bottom -- about one scoop for every four ounces of water. Once your water reaches a boil (I use an electric kettle, which saves a lot of time), let the water cool down for just a minute or so, then pour it over the coffee. Stir it up, then put the filter and lid on top and let it sit for 4-5 minutes. Press down the plunger and pour yourself a truly satisfying cup of coffee.

The first thing you'll notice is that you either need your own grinder or you need to buy beans from someplace that will give it a coarse grind for you. Too small and the grinds will make it through the filter and into your cup.

This is not espresso, but it is likely a stronger cup of coffee than you'll get anywhere outside of Starbucks. You'll even get a little crema -- that slightly foamy layer of coffee on top -- and it's delicious.

Cleaning the contraption can be a bit of a drag, but with a good brush, you shouldn't have too much trouble cleaning out the grounds for your next pot. And if your friends are like mine, after tasting the coffee from your french press, they'll want another cup pretty fast.

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Nov 15, 2015
Bodum Chambord 8-cup Coffee Press NEW
by: Anonymous

Thanks for this lovely article.

Aug 23, 2010
bodum 12 cup
by: Anonymous

i just purchased this. i had a smaller one and decided to get a bigger one for company.
this one, however, has a black lid under the silver top.
does anyone know how to get this black lid off??


Feb 08, 2009
It's beautiful
by: Anonymous

My favorite thing about it is how beautiful it is. The french press is really an elegant piece of design.

I also appreciate how it can be easily put away in the cupboard when I'm not using it, whereas filter coffee makers crowd up counter space. I suppose some people think it's less convenient than filter, but really, I don't find it any more work, and it's easier to clean (fewer parts).

Feb 03, 2009
Coffee as good as your local cafe
by: Cara

I love my bodum 8 cup french press!

I bought it 2 years ago at Cost Plus World Market and still make my coffee with it every day.
Using it is a breeze, easier and cleaner then a standard coffee maker, in my opinion. In combination with fresh coffee beans you can make coffee just as good as the local cafe, right at home.

When you are ready for a cup of joe, just grind your beans and get some water boiling. When the water is ready, pour it over your grinds and stir together the coffee grinds and water.

I always use a wooden spoon to make sure to protect the glass beaker. After stirring, I let it steep for about 5 minutes then press the filter on the lid down. In ten minutes I have a dark, rich, frothy brew.

Its also easy to change the strength of your coffee by adding more or less coffee grinds. I like it strong, but when I have people over I just use a little less coffee to make a great, but less caffeinated, cuppa.

Cleaning the bodum french press is easy too. Just dump out your grinds and wash the glass beaker. The filter/lid can all be taken apart easily so you can soak them in hot soapy water and remove any residual coffee resin. Keeping the french press clean is an important step when making a great cup of coffee.

Remember to be careful with the glass beaker when cleaning. I dropped mine in my sink once and shattered the glass beaker. Since I love my french press so much, there was no question of whether I would buy a replacement and I found one at the first place I looked.

The replacement glass was about $20 at Bed Bath and Beyond. I paid $40 for the entire unit and consider it a value, despite the additional cost of the replacement beaker.

My bodum french press makes such great coffee I have no need to go out and spend exorbitant amounts for a cup at the local cafe.

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