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Bodum Chambord 12-Ounce Coffee Press

by Serena
(New York, NY)

I’ve had the Bodum Chambord 12-Ounce Coffee Press for over two years, and it fits my needs much better than my previous drip machine. It’s small (takes up no more than 3”x3” on a shelf) and makes a single serving of coffee.

It doesn’t get unsightly brown stains (since there are no cheap white plastic parts), looks very elegant (glass , stainless steel, matte black plastic), and makes an excellent tasting cup of coffee.

You simply heat a cup of filtered water, scoop two tablespoons of coarsely ground coffee into the glass carafe (easily removed from the stainless steel holder—which has a handle attached—for cleaning), pour in the boiled water, and after two minutes, gently stir the grounds in the water (you will see a bloom form).

Position the lid of the press over the carafe. Gently and slowly push down on the knob, and a filter will push the grounds down. Simply pour out the filtered coffee into your favorite mug.
To clean, separate the pieces of the press. Scrape out the used grounds and wash the glass carafe and metal holder with mild dish soap and sponge or cleaning cloth; as for the press mechanism, use the sponge/cleaning cloth in conjunction with a toothbrush will help to remove any grounds remaining in the filter.

Overall summary:
-Perfect for people with limited counter-space and limited electrical outlets in the kitchen
-Great for people who only want one cup
-Doesn’t result in burned-tasting coffee (unless you overheat the water) and all the coffee oils remain in your brew

-Not mechanized—requires a bit more work on your part
-Somewhat more difficult to clean than a drip filter coffe maker
-There can be residual grounds in your finish cup of coffee (you can’t drink the last two sips)

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