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Bodum Brazil French Press

by Shonna
(Eugene, OR)

I love French Presses. Growing up with my parents, that was the only coffee pot that was ever used and so it’s the only style I have ever owned myself. I always loved to make coffee for them, as it has a lot more tradition to it than just turning an automatic drip machine on…letting the water bowl and grinding the beans, letting it steep for at least three minutes and then the best part, pressing it down.

I bought this particular press from Cabela's last fall, to be able to go camping with it. It has a very durable plastic body, that washes and has worn very well and the rest of the pieces that attach to it seem to be very sound as well. I have always known and loved Bodum pots, but this one is not one of them. I find that when you make add the hot water, let steep and then press down, you cannot press it down all the way. The grinds and the like must be getting in the way, but it prevents the press from going down all the way. If you do force it, it's nearly impossible to get the press part out of the carafe part. I don't know if it's the plastic that is creating problems, but somewhere there's too much friction and no matter what I do (reducing amount of ground coffee I put in, trying to put a light coat of oil on the press part, etc) nothing is seeming to help. It is important to note that it IS still usable, just not up to the level of my expected performance.

Sorry bodum...better luck next time!

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