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Bodum 10619-10 Ceylon Iced-Tea Maker

Water Infuser Transparent 102-ounce with Removable Filter and Transparent Jug

Water Infuser Transparent 102-ounce with Removable Filter and Transparent Jug

Anyone's favorite tea blends can now be turned into delicious iced tea with the Bodum 10619-10 Ceylon Iced-Tea Maker and Water Infuser. The transparent jug and water infuser in one does not only look elegant, but it also lets you see if the tea is already infused into the water perfectly. The result is great tasting iced tea to be enjoyed anytime, all the time.

Interior Features
  • The filter used for placing either tea bags or loose tea leaves to be infused into the water is removable, making it easy to empty and clean as well. The screening filter does not allow any particulates to get into the cup or glass.
  • The 3.0 liter/102 oz. capacity of the pitcher is more than enough for a family or group of 4 to enjoy all the iced tea they want in a meal.
  • The pitcher's interior doubles as an infusing vessel where other flavors, such as mint, herbs or citrus can be added to the iced tea for a more flavorful mix.

    Exterior Features

  • The pitcher's durable clear plastic makes for a sturdy iced tea maker that is not easily cracked even when hot water is placed in it to steep tea. On the outside, the user can enjoy the magic of iced tea making as water turns into a delicious brownish tint, an indication that the tea is ready. All that's missing is the ice!
  • The handle perfectly balances the weight of the full pitcher. When you pour iced tea into the glass, the handle is not awkward to hold and does not slip easily when gripped.

    Dimension Specifications

    Product Dimensions: 9.6 x 4.5 x 11.1 inches
    Capacity of pitcher: 3 liters or 102 ounces


    The look of the pitcher-slash-iced tea maker is its main advantage. With most iced tea makers, you would need to transfer the contents of the finished iced tea from the pitcher connected to the iced tea maker to another pitcher that looks more presentable. This pitcher looks sleek and classy that there's no need to buy or use another pitcher. The cleverly-designed pitcher has a flavor infuser that lets the user use herbs and fruits to add flavors into the iced tea. With most pitchers, you'd need to put in the fruits or herbs into the pitcher itself, so seeds, leaves, and residue end up in the tea. The special infuser chamber only infuses flavors, not unnecessary particles into the iced tea. The use of the pitcher is too easy that there's no need for buttons, dials, and levers to manipulate. It doesn't even use electricity!


    A number of users claim that the infuser has a tendency to slip, making it look askew. Some also say that the infuser's holes can be a bit big for some fine herbs to escape through the tea, making the tea look dirty.


  • easy to use
  • does not use electricity
  • classy, sleek design
  • iced tea ready in less than 20 minutes
  • tight lid design doesn't make a mess


  • unreliable infuser chamber

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