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Black & Decker : Home Cafe GT300

by Russell Fernandes
(Albany, GA, United States)

We purchased a Black & Decker brand single serve coffee maker from the Home Cafe' series. It was on sale at Target in December and we've enjoyed using it ever since. The GT300 is a compact and clean model, providing us with 3 choices of 7oz., 9 oz. and 14 oz. Sizes. Getting a cup of coffee is now simply a matter of 1-2-3 as we have to merely fill the water reservoir, insert a coffee pod and press the desired button. The removable drip tray ensures that the cup tray can be lowered for lager cups or travel mugs.

The unit recommends use of Folgers and Millstone coffee pods. Having not sampled the Millstone brand, the Folger's coffee makes for a great blend. We haven't ventured beyond the Classic Roast blend, though the available varieties include Decaf, Colombian, French Vanilla, Cappuccino and Skinny Vanilla latte. Opting for the Creamy brew allows us to enjoy a frothier cup of specialty coffee such as a cappuccino or latte.

Using the GT300, as mentioned earlier, is a simple process. Having used coffee makers that had more buttons than a spaceship, it is a relief to find no more than 6 on the front, including a single cleaning button. The water reservoir is located at the back of the unit and comes of easily. It has a removable lid, and the reservoir indicates the maximum level at which water should be filled. The front panel houses the pod holder, which can be accessed by opening the lid and inserting the pod with the help of the pod holder. From here on it is a matter of closing the lid by pressing it down and selecting the appropriate button for a great cup of coffee.

As with most electrical appliances, the product contains no user-serviceable parts and hence care needs to be taken while cleaning. It should never be immersed in water entirely. The removable parts can be passed through running water and dried thoroughly before being plugged in again. All in all, the Black & Decker Home Cafe' GT300 is a convenient and reliable option for a family on the go.

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