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Black & Decker Duel Coffee Maker DDCM200

by Melissa

I received this coffee maker as a Christmas gift from my mother-in-law. I have had it since December of 2007, so its been 6 months now. It has 2 travel mugs which was appealing to me.

My husband and I like to make coffee to drink on the way to work. Having it brew right into the travel mugs was an added convenience. We found that it had its quirks.

When brewing both cups at one time, one would fill more than the other. When you took the cup away thinking it was done, the machine would drip more coffee. We started putting a mug down after taking the travel cup away.

One of the cups lids leaked a little everytime we used it, of course dripping coffee on our work clothes! We found that it was much easier to just brew one cup and of course use the lid that didn't leak.

I began going to Dunkin Donuts once again for my morning coffee becuase it was just more convenient than dealing with the hassle. At first glance it seemed great, but I wished things worked out better.

If Black & Decker works out the quirks with this, it would be wonderful. I have never really seen a dual travel cup coffee maker like this one.

If they fix this one it could really be a great addition to the working family's morning routine!

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May 11, 2010
recall needed on DDCM200
by: Patricia Hyde

I bought this coffe pot 4 days ago and was just thrilled with it. Today was the 5th day of usage and the hot plates stopped working. I either drank the coffee immediately which if I had wanted to do I would have gone to Starbucks. I also had problems wuth the main cup overflowing and the second one only half full. This is the first B and D products that has ever disappointed me. I need to go and buy a new coffee pot and although I loved this one I can't take the chance of it breaking down too.
Patricia Hyde
Armstrong, BC

Mar 10, 2009
Best coffee machine I've ever owned
by: Randal

I bought this coffee maker from a local store nearby because I liked the design, the simplicity, and the price. I purchased it for about $25 dollars. I've had the coffee machine for about 6 months now. So far I find it to be the best coffee machine I've ever owned. The machine isn't loud and annoying, and there are no hot spots, which is important to me.

I always hated when the coffee would drip onto the hot pad and burn on. You don't have that problem with this machine. The water containment section is rather hard to wash but the baskets are easy to clean. The mugs that come with the machine are okay. The quality isn't too high; I've found recently that water is getting between the outside layer and inside layer and sloshing around. You can make two separate mugs of coffee or set the machine quickly to brew just one mug. Another handy feature is this: the machine will automatically turn itself off if you forget.

That's great news for me because I often forget to turn it off after brewing my husband a cup of coffee in the morning. Something my husband mentions often by I don't mind: the machine doesn't make coffee super hot, just warm. If you like coffee very hot you'll need to put it in the microwave afterwards, or perhaps consider a different coffee machine.

Overall, I would definitely buy the machine again. It's a great value and if you don't mind the few negative points, such as the hotness of the coffee, then this is the best coffee machine you can find for this price. Despite the negative things I mentioned, I would highly recommend this coffee maker. You can probably even find it for a cheaper price than I did, so why don't you just buy it and give it a try?

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