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Black & Decker DE755B 12 Cup Coffeemaker

by Mary Hysong
(Claypool, Arizona, America)

My daughter gave me this coffeemaker as a Christmas gift last year. I'm not sure where she bought it, from Walmart or Target most likely. She bought a coffee maker because my old one was on it's last legs. She bought this model because of the programmable feature and it's price.

I like it because it is black, so it doesn't show stains. I also like it because it is programmable to turn on and make the coffee before I get out of bed. Getting up and knowing the coffee is already done and waiting for me is a big plus. Another exciting thing for me is that it has a permanent filter basket, so I don't have to buy paper filters anymore.

The carafe, filter basket and it's holder are all easy to clean, as is the machine itself.

I like the digital clock, with separate buttons for the hours and the minutes. This means I don't have to go through every minute of 12 hours to arrive at the time I want, like the older Mr. Coffee machine I used to have.

The major thing I dislike about this model is that the buttons to change the time are stand alone. What I mean is that all you have to do is push the button and the hour or minutes change. You do not have to hold down another button while you press the hour or minute buttons. While you would think this would be handy, especially if you have trouble with your hands like arthritis, it is not. What happens is that when you are wiping the machine down with your wash cloth, you hit the buttons and the time changes. This is very annoying, especially if you don't notice you've changed the time.

Unfortunately this coffeemaker also displays one of my pet peeves. I haven't ever found a coffeemaker that doesn't dribble water from the carafe when you use it to fill the water tank and this one is no exception.

All in all though, I am pretty happy with this coffeemaker.

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Aug 13, 2015
5/5 NEW
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Jul 30, 2015
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Jan 29, 2012
by: Jim Hupe

The Black & Decker Model DE755 has 2 inline thermal protectors in it, if one goes bad, it quits working, I used a continuity tester and found the bad one, removed it and reconnected, using only the one that was left, and that was 2 years ago. The thermal parts can be found at www.kieferappliance.com This is what the thermal fuse looks like and they are wired in series.

Good Luck

Jan 12, 2011
Black & Decker "dribble glass"
by: Anonymous

The wife bought ours about 1 year ago. We never took it out of the box till November 2010. It makes good coffee, but the design of the flask is lacking. This thing is as close to being a "DRIBBLE GLASS" trick item I have ever seen. You can't fill the machine with water or pour a cup of coffee with it without spilling/dribbling down the side of it.

Jul 19, 2010
coffemaker mystery
by: Anonymous

We got this coffe maker for christmas in 09 and has worked great until recently it will turn on but won't heat up or brew coffee...didn't know if there was a warranty on it or what we could do to replace it before we go buy a new one..We obviosly don't have the receipt cuz it was a gift but don't know what to do

May 22, 2010
Replacement Carafes
by: Panama

In reading reviews by other consumers I discovered we agreed in our evaluations. Major drawback of unit, however, is replacement carafes. I have been searching for 4 months and even the Black & Decker distributors do not have the carafe in stock. Sadly I will be buying a new unit simply for lack of a replacement carafe -- but this time I will purchase a back up carafe at the same time.

Feb 24, 2010
black and decker DE755B
by: twoblue30

This coffee maker lasted for 3 months and quick working suddenly!!

Dec 11, 2009
replacement pot
by: Anonymous

Does anyone know where to buy the replacement pot for this unit ?

Apr 27, 2009


Apr 05, 2009
Love the timer
by: wendy

I was on a visit to my sisters house in Cleveland Ohio when I asked where the coffee maker was so I could get my coffee ready for in the morning she said she did not have one.

I could not go all weekend with out any coffee. I got in the car and drove to the nearest Walmart where I found this Black & Decker coffee maker on sale it had a timer to start it.

I had to buy the coffee and filters for it to I went back to her house and and got it all ready ( that is how I do it I get it all ready the night before that way I only need to hit the on button)

I think the wait in the morning is the longest I sometimes have fallen asleep while waiting for it to get done. Well now with the timer that is not an issue.

I woke up in the morning and had a nice pot of coffee waiting on me. It was nice I brought it home with me and have been using it for about the last year. I love this thing. setting the clock was hard at first I set it one time for 7:00 but i did not see the pm and when I came home from work it was on with nothing in it. I'm lucky it worked out I come right home after work.

Apr 05, 2009
Trouble with pause and serve function
by: b grant

I actually received this coffeemaker as a gift for a christmas gift. It had been along time since I have had a programmable coffeemaker, so I welcomed the addition to my morning routine. This particular model has the ability to set a timer to start brewing at a preset time.

Also, the coffeemaker automatically shuts off after being on for 2 hours, although since I usually drink coffee until noon, I had to make sure and hit the off/on button a time or two to make sure it did not get cold.

I did have a little trouble with the maker though. It has a pause and serve function on it, in which when you pull out the pot while its brewing, it will stop brewing so you can pour you a cup.

Thing is, this was a spring-loaded mechanism that was in between where the filter basket was, and the coffee pot. If you don't put the pot all the way back into place, you have what happened to me.

One night, as usual, I got my coffee ready for the following morning. The next morning, I woke up, and coffee was all over my counter. Apparently, I did not place the carafe all the way under the basket, mostly due to the pause/serve mechanism preventing it, and it leaked all the coffee.

I had this happen twice, and then I removed the pause/serve spring so no more leaking.

I also did break the carafe and replaced it twice, as it is very delicate and any slight bump will bust it, and had a bit of a time finding a replacement online. All in all, I was pleased with the quality of the pot, as I am still using it.

Jan 06, 2009
Only lasted 1 year
by: David

Good coffee maker, good price. Just didn't last very long - just over a year. We make about 6 cups almost every day. We are sticklers for cleanliness and liked the white plastic so we could tell when it was clean.

I recently noticed that the water reservoir had a pinkish residue in it so I cleaned the coffeemaker using the directions in the owner's manual, running a mixture of half water and half vinegar through it then making several pots with just water to rinse. That was about two weeks ago. Today it wouldn't heat at all.

The warranty was for 1 year so I went to Wal-Mart to look for a replacement. I found a slightly newer version, DLX1050W for about $30, but they had them on sale for $17. I had done some research online before going and saw plenty of $100 coffeemakers so I figured this was too good to pass up. I haven't opened the new one yet but I think it comes without the permanent mesh basket (Wal-Mart has them for less than $5 though).

I haven't found one that matches our wish list, but I'd like to see one that most of the parts that get dirty could be removed and put in the dishwasher, especially the parts that the hot water runs through. The basket, basket holder and carafe on this model are dishwasher safe.

For $17 I figure you can't go wrong. Most other brands I looked at have pretty much the same features, like the ability to remove the carafe while coffee is brewing to pour a cup. One feature I might be interested in is the removal of most of the chlorine from the water. I'm not sure how that feature works and that may run the price way up. I think all of them have clocks and will make coffee automatically and also have a two hour auto turn off.

One complaint I see in these reviews on lots of coffeemakers is problems putting water in the reservoir. Our unit is on the counter next to the sink and I just pull the hand held faucet out and fill it with that, quickly and neatly. If you have a faucet like that you could do that with any coffeemaker.

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