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Black & Decker DCM675BMT Coffee Maker 5 Cup

by Darius
(Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

For a small family, a 5-cup coffee maker would be enough to wake them up with the fresh and warm aroma of flavorful ground coffee beans. Black and Decker has the DCM675BMT 5-cup coffee maker to make cups of joe ready whenever you need one.

Small enough (with dimensions of 9.9 x 7.4 x 10.8 inches) to be placed anywhere in the kitchen counter or office pantry, this lightweight Black and Decker coffee maker (only weighing 3 pounds) is easy to carry around and would only cost you about $25.

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Key features

* Programmable Brew Time - The Programmable Brew Time enables users to preset the coffee maker earlier than the desired schedule. With this feature, coffee drinkers can have their warm cups almost anytime they want without worrying too much about brewing coffee.

* Hot Plate - The hot plate feature keeps the coffee hot even after the brewing is through. You don't have to reheat the coffee more frequently.

* Digital Soft Touch Pad - The digital soft touch pad makes it easy to set and control the coffee maker. The digital pad not only makes the controls more viewable, but also makes the coffee maker look more modern and hi-tech.

* Automatic Shut Off - The automatic shut off feature is designed to ensure that even if you leave your home, you don't have to worry about the possibility of fire even though you've forgotten to switch off the device.

* Thermal Carafe - The thermal carafe ensures that the coffee will remain warm for a long time, as it prevents heat from escaping from the brewing unit.

* Cord Storage - The coffee maker is equipped with its own cord storage, so you don't see the cord lying around everywhere, taking up or messing up the space.

* Removable Filter Basket - The removable filter basket allows for the thorough cleaning of the coffee maker, making sure that there are no residue.

* Water level indicator - The water level indicator is a helpful feature that allows you to determine if the level of water is sufficient enough for the coffee ground.

* Clock and timer - The clock and timer signals you when the coffee is ready to be served, so there's no need to wait around and do the countdown.


Many consumers favored the good design of this Black and Decker coffee maker model. With the combination of black and stainless steel, the unit is sleek and very modern. The attractive design of this coffee maker fits perfectly with any modern kitchen, home, or office.

According to these consumers, it also has a good carafe, which is break-resistant and lightweight. The coffee maker shuts off after two hours, even though this feature is not listed outside the box.

Most users are pleased with the simplicity of the programmable timer. The setting is not really complicated so anyone can easily use it, even first-timers. On top of that, the 5-cup coffee maker is also easy to clean, especially with its removable filter basket.

The water temperature in the coffee maker is kept hot so that the coffee brews very fast.


There are some complaints about this unit. One of these is that it is not widely available. There are also consumers who pointed out that although the carafe is stainless, it is very thin that it seems to be not insulated.

Some even noticed that the materials used for this coffee maker are very cheap, such that the buttons seem to be covered with cheap plastic and vinyls. Another disadvantage cited by some users is that the taste of the coffee from this coffee maker is not so great because the basket design does not slow down the water and just let it brew with the coffee.


- water heats quickly
- coffee brews fast
- simple but functional design
- sleek and modern-looking
- easy to clean and use


- not widely available
- carafe is stainless but thin
- uses cheap materials
- the coffee does not really taste good

The DCM675BMT 5-cup coffee maker is good for those who are looking for a small family-sized coffee maker. Although this coffee maker has a simple but functional design, some of the features are not as impressive as the other units'. .

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Comments for Black & Decker DCM675BMT Coffee Maker 5 Cup

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Aug 06, 2015
Good post NEW
by: Lila Beatty

Hello! Your site is great!

I also have a coollbacheloretteparty blog and want to publish one of your article on it if it's possible?

I will link at you after publishing! Thanks for answering!

Apr 15, 2011
poor quality control
by: Anonymous

I have bought and returned 3 of these coffee makers. I'm done with it! Every one was defective. One leaked so I returned it and the replacement had a cup gauge (so you know how much water to add) where the numbers rubbed off and you couldn't tell how much water you put in. I sent for an exchange and the one I received would not work at all! When you plug it in, nothing happens. The clock doesn't light and you can't turn the damn thing on! That's it for me. I'll try a different brand. I could have had a new pot for all the shipping charges I paid.

Mar 12, 2010
does the job
by: Anonymous

I received this coffee maker several months ago as a gift from my friends, and I happily accepted it since my previous one had finally given up on me. After quite a bit of use, some abuse, and hundreds of hours of brewing, I am pleased to say, that I have very few complaints about this appliance.

It does exactly what it suppose to do; I feel that there are some items that a person should be able to pull right out of the box and use, without having to put in a lot of guess work or hours of manual reading to understand, I am glad this was one of them. I have seen a few coffee makers that have dozens of buttons and features that I find confusing.

There are only a few added features for convenience on this machine; a timer allowing the coffee to brew when I wake up and adjustable brew strength, which I find useful, a drip restraint sprout allowing me to pour a cup without the need to wait for the full brewing cycle, as well as the capability to brew only one cup or up to five cups of coffee at anytime. My mind is at ease with the safety features provided on the brewer the first being the two hour shut off, the non-stick heating plate and of course the water window.

The carafe, lid and basket are dishwasher safe; however, I did notice that after a few washes, the name brand does fade on the basket (this is not a big issue with me). Other than that, I am pleased with this gift and would suggest this coffee maker to anyone looking to enjoy a good cup of coffee.

Apr 05, 2009
Hidden, interior space for storing the extra cord
by: Anonymous

As a newlywed, I had the opportunity to replace many things in the kitchen that had been hand-me-downs from relatives. I took the opportunity to replace an old coffeemaker with a new, prettier, and cleaner one. I choose the Black & Decker 5-cup Coffeemaker (Item # DCM675BMT). There were a few reasons why I selected this particular model.

The first is that I am the only one in the apartment who drinks coffee so there is no need for a traditional ten or twelve cup coffeemaker. I also have a very small kitchen, with lots of toys and small appliances taking up counter space. There was no need for a larger coffeemaker when a smaller one would allow room for my other “toys”.

I was immediately impressed when I removed the coffeemaker from the packaging because I discovered it had a hidden, interior space for storing the extra cord. No more winding it up and trying to hide it behind something! I was also impressed by the clear plastic area that allows you to see how much water you have put into the coffeemaker. This makes it much easier to fill and results in my hitting my head on the cabinets less than when I had to try o read the markings INSIDE the old coffeemaker.

This coffeemaker has the ability to be set to a timer, and if left on, It will turn off automatically after two hours. My only disappointment with this model is that I was expecting a much heavier, thicker, and more insulated carafe. All in all, this was a great buy!

Apr 05, 2009
Very low price
by: M. Roberts

Black & Decker's 5-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker with Stainless Carafe is a good coffee maker which comes at a very low price ($25 at Target). This coffee maker is perfect for the person who has a few cups in the morning. It takes the smaller coffee filters and works quickly and efficiently to make decent coffee.

The carafe is stainless steel and has a flimsy plastic top but has worked well for me in the three months I have owned this coffee maker. My only minor complaints are that the water reservoir has two small holes in the back which will leak if the coffee maker is overfilled and the coffee maker makes fairly loud clicking noises even after the coffee has been made.

It is not made of the most sturdy material and much of the coffee maker is cheap, black plastic but the stainless steel carafe looks sharp and modern in my kitchen. It is also quick and easy to clean. This may not be best machine for serious, serious coffee drinkers, but it has done the job for me well.

The price simply can't be beat, and one has to be willing to accept some tradeoffs in construction materials when the price is so low. I would recommend this coffee maker to those who just want a small amount of coffee to be made and kept warm when they don't want to have to deal with the hassle of using a French press as I was before I purchased this coffee maker. I'm very happy with this make and model of coffee maker and it does exactly what I want it to.

Hopefully it will last many years although with such cheap materials I wouldn't be surprised if it needs to be replaced a few years down the line. But, at $25, I can handle this!

Mar 27, 2009
Buy the glass carafe
by: Anonymous

The coffee maker as a whole is fine, but the bottom of the "stainless steel" carafe quickly began to rust as a result of washing after use and not drying before placing back on the coffee maker (which I have never done before or since). When I called to have it replaced the customer service person didn't believe me, but declined my offer to send photos. During the call I requested a replacement with a glass carafe, and reiterated my request in the writing. However, I was still sent another "stainless steel" carafe. I bought a new coffee maker and gave this one away.

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