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Black & Decker DCM1410B 12-Cup Programmable

by LostGiraffe

This coffeemaker is very similar to other tall Black & Decker coffeemakers currently available at Wal-Mart (February 09). It has a fill window on the right side, a removable filter basket inside the top section, and a clock and buttons on the lower front. It's a model B because it's black. It is a little shorter than the very similar one I had before.

My favorite features are the pot and the cord. The cord is a few inches longer than every other coffeemaker available at Wal-Mart. This makes a really big difference for me as I live in an older house and I have to plug it into an outlet near the floor. I am finding the excessive shortening of appliance cords more and more annoying.

The pot is different from other brands in that it has two sets of linked markings on it ? one for water fill and one for the resulting coffee amount. I have been in the habit of seriously overfilling my coffeemaker for years now so that I could have a full 12 (ha ha) "cups" of coffee when it was finished brewing.

Now all the coffeemakers have holes in the back, and if you put in extra water, it will just run out the hole and all over the place. With this coffeemaker, though, if you fill it to the 12-cup water line, you will finish with an actual 12 (closer to 6 oz than 5 oz) cups of coffee.

This is the first coffeemaker that I have had in many, many, years from which I get a full 4 16 oz mugs of coffee. What bliss!

It has a brew-interrupt, an LCD clock display, auto-shutoff, and is programmable. It cost about $30. Otherwise, it seems a pretty standard coffeemaker. But those two "small" differences seem like very large ones to me!!

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