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Black & Decker DCM1400B 10 Cup Coffee Maker


- Simple and easy design. Every feature it has it self explanatory doesn't take instructions, or a PhD to figure out how to use it
- Programmable I can load it up the night before and after I shower and get ready to head out, I can grab my joe and get to work on time.

- The programmable feature has its limitations, when the power goes out, the program is ruined, and thus I either end up coffee-less or late to work.
- Coffee grinds, I have tried every type of filter, but yet to get one that works, and each time I make coffee I have to strain it, or I get coffee grinds to drink.

4 out of 5

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Aug 31, 2015
Najeeb NEW
by: Anonymous

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Dec 10, 2009
bad design
by: Anonymous

Two things I don't like are 1. the funnel filter, I prefer to use the cupcake filters and 2. of the first 4 pots I made, 2 overflowed and made a mess on the counter. The second time I thought I had placed the filter holder in the correct position but hadn't. Poor design.

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