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Black & Decker CBG100W Coffee Grinder

The Black & Decker CBG100W Coffee Grinder is the first and only coffee grinder I have ever owned. I discovered a love for fresh ground coffee and immediately went shopping for an affordable coffee grinder that was easy to use. There were a couple of options, but the Black & Decker name caught my attention and the price was very reasonable.

It came out of the box ready to use, no hassling with putting it together or anything like that, it’s just a simple plug and go little machine. Since I only use it for grinding coffee (it could supposedly chop nuts) I can’t really say how it handles other foods. It grinds coffee fine except for the fact that it doesn’t grind the beans evenly.

Some become find powder while others remain very course. I’ve tried shaking the grinder during the grinding process, but this doesn’t seem to help. This inconsistency may be due to the fact that the grinder doesn’t have any speed selections. It’s either high power or nothing at all.

The fact that the lid has to be in place for the grinding mechanism to work is a good thing though, saving unsuspecting fingers from the very sharp blade! And why would one have their fingers in a grinder you might ask? Well, the Black & Decker CBG100W doesn’t come apart, so it is a bit difficult to clean.

You either have the option of rinsing the whole thing out under running water (not a good idea with an electrical appliance) or stick your fingers in between the blades to wipe it out. It’s a good grinder and I’ll keep it until it doesn’t work anymore, but next time I might shop around a bit more.

- It grinds coffee fine .
- Affordable and easy to use

- It doesn’t grind the beans evenly
- It is a bit difficult to clean

4 out of 5

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