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Black & Decker 5-Cup Coffeemaker #DCM600W

Purchased a few days ago for $15.99, and I'm not impressed. I guess you get what you pay for. The mouth of the 5-cup carafe is a bit small. I can get my hand in to wash it, but a large man would not be able to.

Also, the plastic piece that affixes the handle to the glass carafe goes up and over into the carafe. This wouldn't be a problem except it has very sharp edges. I've ripped my skin open twice already on my hand cleaning the pot, which sure doesn't make my day. Now I'll have to go buy a long-handled sponge thing to clean the pot in the future.

The lid that covers the water reservoir and filter basket gets moist on the underside, of course, after brewing. If you don't dry it off, however, and then brew another pot, so much moisture develops that it starts dripping down the OUTSIDE of the filter basket. I've never seen a coffeemaker do that.

Also, the on/off switch is on the right hand side of the machine. So if the machine is facing the center of the kitchen, you can't see the red light to tell if it's ON or OFF. As a result, I have to face the machine to the left, which is awkward when you're a right-handed person whose coffee pot has always faced right for over 30 years.

I may return this machine and get something else. Like I said, you get what you pay for!

Donna M.

- I guess it's cheap

- carafe small
- sharp edges

1 out of 5

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