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Black and Decker SDC740 12 Cup Coffee Maker

One of the popular units of Black and Decker is the SDC740 coffee maker. Read on to know how consumers perceive SDC740.

SDC740 / SDC740B is a programmable brewer. Black and Decker takes pride on the coffee maker's space-saving features. This unit has a price ranging from $54.00 to $72.00.

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Key features of the coffee maker

- Programmable brewing timer - The programmable brewer allows the consumers to pre-program the setting a night before and wake up the next day with the coffee ready to be served.

- Cup Warming Surface - The cup warming surface keeps the coffee warm even if the brewing is not yet through. With this feature, the coffee can be keep warm for quite a while before serving.

- Auto Shut-off - The automatic shut-off feature will automatically switch the coffee maker off after the set number of hours. This design adds safety.

- Mountable feature - This unit is mountable under the cabinet. This feature is designed for convenience and added counter space.

- Removable water reservoir - The removable water reservoir makes cleaning easier. With this feature one can easily and thoroughly clean the brewing basket.

- Water level indicator - There's also the water level indicator that makes the measurement of the water for the coffee making much easier and efficient.

- Non-stick heating plate - The non-stick heating plate can make cleaning up easier after brewing.


For many consumers, one of the best things about SDC740 / SDC740B is that it can be installed in the cabinet. This would really save a lot of counter space. With the coffee maker mounted on a cabinet, there would be more space left on your counter tops for food preparation.

There are consumers who love the programmable brewing timer of the unit. With this, they can sleep through the night and wake up to the aroma of the coffee. For those who leave their home very early in the morning everyday, the programmable timer is very helpful, they can just wake up with their coffee hot and ready to be served.

There are consumers who say that they're pleased with the unit because the coffee in it retains its heat even after a quite long while. There's also the auto shut off feature that could prevent overheating and fire if consumers leave their home without turning the coffee maker off.

For other consumers the easy-to-clean feature of the coffee maker is its best feature. The removable water reservoir and the non-sticking plate are among the features that make the coffee maker easy to clean. For those who are not adept in brewing coffee, the water level indicator is a very big help. with this, they can easily determine if the water is in proportion to the ground coffee beans.

There are also consumers who claimed that the unit is very durable because they have been using it for seven years now.


Although there are many consumers who are pleased with the SDC740 / SDC740B coffee maker, there are also consumers who are not really impressed by this. One the reasons they cite is the very costly price. According to them there are many other coffee makers with the same features but with lower prices.

Some said that there's not much available options for the design and color. The choice for color available for this product is very limited.


- is a space saver
- can make 12 cups of coffee
- easy to clean
- brews quickly

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Comments for Black and Decker SDC740 12 Cup Coffee Maker

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Aug 07, 2015
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Jun 27, 2012
bad coffee break
by: john

I have purchased two black and decker space saver coffee makers in two years. One burned up the other would turn on after it was shut off had to finally unplug it. dont know what to do i like the space maker machine cant afford another coffee maker.

Jun 08, 2012
dangerous coffee maker
by: Anonymous

machine would block the flow of the hot coffee into the pot and flood coffee and grounds all over - have sent notice of this to company no reply yet

Nov 02, 2011
Not Bad
by: bill

On our 3rd. 1st lasted the longest about 4 years.
the 2nd about 3 days as it leeked while it was brewing,the coffee holder kept coming out and stopping the coffee from entering the pot, yes overflowing onto counter. the 3rd 18 months, only complaint is filling the water container and when you slide the container back in, the water rocks back forth causing it to slowly leak, if water holder was improved or different would try again when time for a new one

Jun 22, 2011
Fast but leaks
by: Anonymous

We bought this for my mother because her old one took FOEVER to brew. This coffe maker brews fast and is farely user friendly. The major problem with this specific machine is that the pot has to be angled now when brewing or it leaks everywhere. This happened after only a few pots were made. The spring appears to be gone.
Makes quick and good coffee...good space saver also

Feb 22, 2011
Plastic pot is very shotty
by: Anonymous

We are on our 3rd Spacesaver 12 cup coffee maker. The first one we had about 6 years, no complaints. The next one we bought to upgrade the kitchen, we had it about 2 months, the plastic busted where the screw holds the handle. We contaced Black & Decker, the response was, the part was on backorder they would send it when it arrived. After 3 months of drinking out of a pot that was duck taped to hold it together, we contacted Black & Decker again, they then sent us an 8 cup coffee pot maker for our trouble until the part arrived for the broken pot, nice of them but be bought the spacesaver to save space on the counter. Another month, 2 months passed, we contacted Black and Decker, they then agreed to replace the whole spacemaker system. Well folks, we have had that new spacemaker for 3 months now and guess what, the pot busted again the same place, where the screw holds the handle together. I hope since it is taking so long to get the part the the engineers are desiging a new pot!!!!

Jan 05, 2011
Good Investment
by: Anonymous

I like this coffee maker because it makes GREAT coffee and it was very easy to set up . It fits under the counter top and off the counter so you don't look any counter space.

Dec 20, 2010
If I could give it 0 stars I would!
by: cathy watts

I have purchased 2 B & D spacemaker coffee makers in the last 2 yrs. I will never do it again! I like the convenience of the spacemaker, but I hate the fact they quit working so soon after purchase. This product is a complete waste of money.

Nov 12, 2010
Leaking after filling...
by: Paul W.

Overall I like the coffee maker. The biggest problem I have is it will always leak up to a cup of water as soon as I place the filled resevior in plsce. I have to place a bowl under it to catch the water. The grip on the filter basket is tough to get a hold of also. Coulkd have been designed with a little deeper grip.

Oct 11, 2010

I will never buy another Black & Decker product as long as I live. They do not stand behind any of their products,their customer service sucks,and they just don't care if you are satisfied or not.I have finally learned my lesson & I am passing the word on to whoever will listen.

Sep 04, 2010
bad wiring
by: Anonymous

wiring defects

Jul 14, 2010
poor quality
by: Anonymous

We are on our third Black and Decker under the counter space saver coffee. The first one lasted over 5 years. the second one just over 2 years . this last redesigned model has issues and if I could find ANY other company that makes a space saver type; I would rather buy from any one else than Black and Decker. Within 6 months the tab on the coffee basket broke(compared to the older models its very flimsy) The water resevoir has steamed our cabinet door(And yes my husband does know how to install the coffee maker its not him its the product) We live in a small house with a small kitchen the idea is great the Black and decker is NOT!!!

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