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Black and Decker Optima 12 cup 3360WH

by cheryl
(Lancaster, KY)

I bought this coffee make from Wal-Mart thinking I was getting a great buy. I also liked the “new”ish design that the coffee maker offered. It was created by Black-n-Decker and is a 12 cup white model with the glass pot.

The entire top of the coffee maker lifts up like a large mouth. This is where you are supposed to pour the water. The largest problem with this is that if your coffee maker in on you counter you have to pull it out from the wall and away from the cabinet or it will not open far enough for you to pour the water. If you need to get in the cabinet above for filters it has to be reclosed or you cannot open the cabinet door.

The basket for the coffee grinds comes out of an area that cannot be taken apart. I like to keep my coffee maker clean, but I couldn’t pull this section out to run it through the dishwasher. I received a lot of build-up that I hated and had to work hard to keep scrubbed out!

Design flaws are not the only problem with this machine. (I have a hard time believing that this was even test marketed!) Thank goodness that this machine turns itself off because it would have been responsible for burning down a house or two. There are four buttons on the front of the machine, but within two weeks of everyday use, the labels as to what the buttons did rubbed off. I knew that the last button was the ON button, but there was not a way for me to set it for a brewing time again.

The worst part however, is, that in order to set the brew time, you have to push the ON button twice and so turning it off you have to hit it three times. It took me many uses to realize that instead of turning it off I just hit the brew button for a time that I could never figure out how to reset in the first place. It woke me up in the middle of the night once trying to brew an empty pot!

I would not recommend this model!

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