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Black and Decker ODC440 Spacemaker 12 cup

by justin


Black & Decker ODC440 Spacemaker
12-Cup Coffee Maker

This is the best coffee maker that I have ever used. It is simple but still has all the high tech things that make a coffee maker useful. It has the ability to be mounted underneath the cabinets, so it does not take up large amounts of room. I bought it from Walmart for only about $70.00. It has lasted ever since 2003 and is still running perfectly fine.

The coffee machine is the best one that I ever had. It has a digital clock and a programmable timer, so it makes that much better when you can have the coffee right after you wake up.

It it easy to clean. The water reservoir is removable, so that is easy to fit in the sink and wash it up. The coffee ground container is also removable. The only downside is that the actually coffee maker itself is a little more difficult to clean if it is mounted.

The coffee maker is for a 12 cup pot and has the sneak-a-cup feature. That is great because it takes too long for the entire 12 cups to be brewed. It has never spilled on me and I have interrupted the brewing cycle at least over two hundred times. The entire maker is housed in a water proof plastic container so even if it gets a little spilled on it it will still work.

I have bought a lot of coffee makers throughout the past. In a span of six years I had went through 4 different brands of coffee makers. They either kept getting broke or the company changed the way they made their products and I couldn't purchase what I needed anymore. Finally I have found the one coffee pot that seems to fulfill my coffee desires. It is durable and reliable while being very classy looking.

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Dec 20, 2010
very happy with this coffeemaker
by: Anonymous

This coffee maker has the standard features, with the additional feature that it hangs under a kitchen cabinet (thus the name Spacemaker). I find it very convenient in my kitchen which is tight on counter space. I give it high marks for ease-of-use, speed, and filter quality. On the downside is the installation process which requires a power drill, and required some fine tuning to make sure the coffee maker was level, which the cabinet wasn't (the coffee maker was dripping water onto the counter until I leveled it). Also, the power plug is standard and not conducive to connecting to an outlet in a tight space. So I had to cut off the plug it came with, and attach the power cord to a flat plug I bought at Home Depot. However, once it was installed, the unit functions fine and we have been very happy with it.

Oct 07, 2010
It sucks
by: Allison S

I had my ODC440 for only 3 months before the resevoir broke...good luck getting a replacement...money wasted. will never buy B&D again

Feb 20, 2010
best spacemaker coffee maker

I have had my black and decker ODC440 spacemaker 12 cup for over 15 years and now it is time to replace it with another one. Being mounted under the cabinet is great. I need to buy another one NOW.

Nov 22, 2009
From best to worst
by: Anonymous

I owned the space saver models for a long time now. 15 plus years. The first one lasted almost 3 years making 3 pots a day, 5 on the weekends. Since it had a 3 year warranty on it I had it replaced with a refurb that lasted another 3 years. Had to get it replace some months later at the local B&D store. I did this acouple of times. Eventually I had to cut the plug off and sent it Applica for a replacement (which I gave to my in-laws and is still working). Meantime I bought another. It died within the warranty (that replacement is at our cabin-still working). I decided to try the model with the stainless steel pot... it died I went out and bought 2 of the ODC440's... one to use and one for a backup. The first one just died after 15 months and is out of warranty. On my backup one now and since I can't find this model type anywhere (can only find the new style of spacemaker)I guess I'll be going with a different brand.

Guess what I'm saying here is my first one lasted 3 years and my last one lasted just over a year.. That says their quality has gone downhill and I'm tired of dealing with them... Time to move on.

Avoid buying a B&D coffee maker these days. the new ones will last, what, maybe a year ??

Oct 23, 2009
All that cash and what a horrible experience
by: Anonymous

The best coffee maker I had was a B&D spacesaver about 20 years ago. My dad had bought one for each of us kids. The coffee was always hot. It was off the counter. It was a great machine.

I recently was on line and saw one and immediately purchased it. What a disappointment! The one I bought did not work from day one. The replacement one lasted only 2-3 months! It just stopped brewing. It often leaked water and the coffee was not all that hot.

All that cash and what a horrible experience.

Apr 06, 2009
B&D’s quality does not live up to their reputation
by: Anonymous

I purchased a Black & Decker Model ODC440 B (Black) that mounts under the upper cabinet because I wanted the counter space. It hangs down so far that it is only a few inches above the counter, not a lot of help. It lasted about 12-14 months before it stopped working.

Numerous times I would come into my kitchen in the morning to find that it had overflowed (programmed start) all over the counter top and what little liquid made it to the pot was full of grounds. When it finally did quit working I looked in the stores for a coffee maker and noticed that the same style unit seemed to have been change and hopefully improved.

I thought B&D was a good company that made dependable products and that I should try the improved model. The new unit seemed to be working fine until about 5-6 months in it just stopped working. I felt I should at least let B&D know about my experience, so I wrote them an email.

After several weeks I phoned the customer service number on their wed site to ask if they had received my email, since I had not received a reply. The Customer Service person looked up my email and acknowledged that they had received it and if I would cut the plug off of the last unit and mail it to them that they would replace the faulty unit. I did as she requested and several weeks later receive another ODC440 B. Now about 2-3 months into the new unit it stopped working.

I have decided that B&D’s quality does not live up to their reputation. I can not recommend this or any of their products.

Apr 05, 2009
Nice automatic brew setting
by: Anonymous

I bought this coffee maker at a garage sale for $5 last summer and I love it. It's worth every bit I paid for it and more. It is made so you can mount it under the counter to save counter space (hence the name) and this is a great feature.

However, when I purchased it the mounting supplies were no where to be found. The good thing it that it fits nicely on my counter top without taking up any extra space, however it is not functioning as a space saver. The previous owner kindly included a few dead spiders in the brewing pot, but no instruction manual, so it was trial and error that led me to making great coffee.

After I got it cleaned out and all ready to go I had to learn how to set the time on the clock. That was fairly easy. This machine also has a setting to automatically brew your coffee. Each night before I snuggle into bed, I set the "Java alarm" for bright and early.

However, you need to also make sure to add the proper amount of coffee grinds into the filter so that it brews coffee and not just hot water(now that's a disappointment at 5:30 a.m.)This coffee maker also has a safety switch to shut off the warmer after about 30 minutes of being on. As I suppose this good fire hazard protection, it's not a good feature for those that hit the snooze button repeatedly.

When I finally make it into the kitchen of a morning I am greeted with aromatic lukewarm coffee. But hey, that’s better than nothing. On the rare occasion I don’t hit the snooze I have the pleasure of sipping some great coffee without lifting a finger, at least until bed time.

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