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Black and Decker DCM7 Cup-at-a-Time Personal Coffeemaker

by Brandon Burke
(Green, Ohio, USA)


Black & Decker DCM7
Cup-At-A-Time Coffeemaker

My mother's Birthday was right around the corner. When I was trying to decide what to get her, I remembered that she had been interested in getting a single serve coffeemaker for her office at work. Luckily I had purchased a single serve coffeemaker for myself a few months prior to her birthday.

The single serve coffeemaker I had purchased is the Black and Decker Cup-at-a-Time Personal Coffeemaker. I had always been pleased with Black and Decker's products in the past, and I was hoping this product would also meet my standards.

So far this product has worked out great for me and my family. In the past, before I had purchased the Cup-at-a Time Personal Coffeemaker, to get the perfect cup of coffee I would still make a full pot. This led to a lot of wasted coffee, because sometimes my wife wouldn't be in the mood for coffee. But since I purchased the Cup-at-Time Personal Coffeemaker I can make perfect cup for myself, and if my wife wants coffee as well it only takes a few seconds to make a second cup. Not only does the Personal Coffeemaker work great for coffee, but it can also be used for making hot water for tea, other hot drinks, or oatmeal and soup.

I like this product so much I'm actually considering buying another one. I have a job in sales and I travel quite a bit, and my car has a power outlet. Sometimes when I'm on the road it would be nice to make my own coffee, and I think this product will allow me to do so.

Cup-at-Time Personal Coffeemaker has great features. It allows me to brew 8 oz. to 12 oz. of coffee. It has permanent filter, which helps to saved money on paper filters.

The coffeemaker also has an automatic shut-off, so I don't have to worry about leaving the coffeemaker on.

I really love the Cup-at-a-Time Personal Coffeemaker, and I know when I buy this product for my mother for her birthday she will love it too.

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