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Black and Decker DCM500 Smart Brew

by Nancy Despres
(Gardner, MA)


Black & Decker DCM500B
SmartBrew 5-Cup Coffeemaker

When my coffee maker no longer worked, I was in the market for another one, but wanted to try to find one that didn't require me to buy the standard 10 to 12 cup versions.

Living by myself and having limited counter space, it seemed a waste of money to get a large size when I would end of dumping left over coffee down the drain.

My problems were solved when I found the Black and Decker Smart Brew DCM500 at Ocean State Job Lots. Not only did it fill my needs, but had a bonus of an automatic shut off.

No more scorched pots from forgetting to shut it off! This handy coffee maker cleans easily in the dishwasher, too.

I have recommended this coffee maker to several people.

The price was very reasonable and I wouldn't hestitate to purchase another one as a gift. Bravo to Black and Decker for this product!

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Dec 10, 2010
beware the black and decker smart brew!!
by: Anonymous

we bought this coffee system in July of this year. this morning, the handle came off the glass carafe, smashing glass and hot coffee everywhere. Fortunately, my husband was wearing both long johns and jeans, so the only part of his leg that was burned was the top of his foot. Be VERY careful of this product - this is a major hazard.

Nov 28, 2008
Simple with no bells and whistles
by: Henry Li

This is not one of those fancy coffee maker. It's a coffee maker that does the job by offering fast brewing and always seems to keep the coffee at a perfect temperature.

I purchased this coffee maker from Walmart about last year. I've had it for about a year now. I decided to get this coffee maker because of the name and it looked easy to use and I was right! I've owned a coffee maker with all these buttons and I don't even use half of them and they cost about 3 to 4 times more expensive.

On top of that, this coffee maker is easy to clean and put it back to work the next morning. There's one thing that I don't like about this coffee maker is the fact that it's white. Coffee stains really made this coffee maker not very presentable. If I could change anything about this coffee maker, I'd change it to black. This coffee maker has done its job for me every morning. This coffee maker holds approximately 5 cups (25-ounces).

It does have a water level indicator to tell you how much water is in it. Last but not least, it has a easy to read fill marks and non- stick "keeps hot" plate. Typically, I would brew about 3 cups of coffee every morning and they take about 10 mins to make. One of the reasons why I like this coffee maker is because it's so simple to use. This coffee maker is fast, easy to use, efficient and low cost.

I love this coffee maker and would recommend this to all coffee drinkers. However, if you are someone who's looking for a coffee maker that's presentable and high tech instead of easy to use and low cost coffee maker, then this coffee maker is not for you.

Oct 28, 2008
useful features
by: Anonymous

I like this coffee maker for a few different reasons. One is that the on/off switch lights up when it's on so i never forget to turn it off, and that's important to me, not wasting electricity. Another feature this coffee maker has is that the water container has lines on it to show you how much water you're pouring into the machine.

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