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Black and Decker DCM3100B 12 Cup Programmable

by Amanda
(Troy, Ny)

I bought this coffee maker at Walmart about a year and a half ago. I really like the programmable feature. It is nice to be able to wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee. All I have to do is set the timer and press the auto button, its that easy. The only thing that I was somewhat disappointed in was the cost of the replacement pot. I broke my original pot when I hit it on the sink. I went back to walmart to buy a new one and they did not even carry it.

The only place I could find one was at Lowes. The cost was somewhere around half the price of a new machine. Other than that, I have been nothing but pleased with the Black and Decker programmable coffee maker. As an avid coffee drinker, I use the coffee maker every day and have never had a problem.

As far as the design of the coffee maker is concerned, I really like the sleek black look that it has and the silver details.

It is not ugly like some big coffee makers can be. It fits in well with the look of stainless steel appliances. I would definitely recommend this coffee maker to my friends and family.

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Aug 27, 2015
Black and Decker DCM3100B 12 Cup Programmable NEW
by: Anonymous

Thanks Amanda for your product review about Black and Decker DCM3100B 12 Cup Programmable. This is looking amazing in its features and i will try to use it for my own coffee. term papers writing is also the best for students in their life.

Apr 05, 2009
Ease of use is a plus
by: Peter

I do not drink coffee but I have many friends who do, and who like to visit me, so it became necessary for me to buy a coffee maker. Last year I bought a Black and Decker coffee pot that makes up to 12 cups.

I bought it from their outlet store at a shopping mall. I had looked at various places for coffee makers and even though the Black and Decker was a little more expensive, it seemed to meet my needs. It was also the same brand of coffee maker my best friend, who drinks coffer every day, has had for over five years.

What convinced me to buy this particular coffee maker was its ease of use. Since I don’t like coffee I needed a coffee maker that “told me” how much coffee grounds I needed to put in for each cup of coffee I would be brewing since I probably would not be brewing a lot at the same time. I found that the manual that came along with the coffee maker has very clear charts to tell me how much to add in for light, regular, or dark coffee.

The manual also has very clear directions about how to clean the coffee maker. I am really happy with my coffee maker.

As you can see I am writing in the present tense because I still have that coffee maker and am still pleased with it. I have not compared it to other machines because there has not been a need to. As my friend recommended it to me,

I would readily recommend it to others.

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