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Black and Decker DCM2000

by Melli
(Stanwood, WA)

SmartBrew Plus DCM2000 / DCM2000B is a coffee maker product of Black and Decker. There are actually a lot of features that Black and Decker boasts about this product. If you're thinking of buying a new coffee maker, just read on to know the advantages and the drawbacks in buying this unit.

SmartBrew Plus DCM2000 / DCM2000B is a 12-cup coffee maker. It is available in two colors, black and white. The product costs approximately less than fifty dollars.

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Key features

-Sneak-A-Cup feature - The Sneak-a-cup feature allows the coffee lovers to grab their first cup in the morning even when the brewing is not yet through.

- Non-stick "keeps" hot plate - The feature keeps the coffee warm for serving. With this feature, the consumers don't have to switch on the coffee maker all over again just to reheat the coffee.

- Perfect Pour Carafe - The Perfect Pour Carafe prevents the spilling of coffee when you put it into the cup. With this feature, nothing is wasted till the last drop.

- Excellent switch on and off - The switch on and off of this unit is of the right size and easy to locate.


Some consumers are impressed by the sneak-a-cup feature of the coffee. Because of this feature, they can drink a cup without waiting for the brewing process to finish. The on and off switch of the coffee maker is also easy to find according to many consumers. Even in the semi-dakness, one won't have a difficult time locating the switch.

The clear marking of the carafe is also a plus. With this, consumers said that they don't have to guess the level of the water they put into the coffee maker. Aside from this, there are consumers that praised the excellent handle of the coffee maker. The handle is very comfortable in one's hand.

There are people who claimed that one of the best features is the non-stick keeps hot plate. This really saves time in reheating the coffee all over again. Another good thing about this coffee maker is that it is available in two colors, white and black.


Some consumers are not pleased with the coffee maker. They say that it is made of cheap materials. According to them, there are a lot of coffee makers that are made of quality materials but have the same price as this unit.

There are also who complain that the spring inside the coffee maker's basket easily pops off very easily, especially every time it is cleaned. After quite a while, the lid to the carafe no longer secures properly.

- can produce more cups of coffee
- available in two colors
- maintains the hotness of the coffee for a long while
- exhibits no problem when one pours coffee to the cup, there's no spillage
- one can grab a coffee even if the coffe maker is still brewing


- not really that energy-efficient
- the materials are not durable
- the unit malfunctions after a quite some time

Final Thought

This coffee maker from Black and Decker has many good points and advantages for the consumer. The features are excellent. However, there are also a lot of complaints about the quality of the products. Well, the coffee maker is really far from perfect. This is why consumers should really weigh the pros and cons before buying the product. As a wise consumer, you should first compare this product to other coffee maker models offered by the same brand and by other brands and manufacturers as well.

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Comments for Black and Decker DCM2000

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Oct 22, 2012
by: Anonymous

nothing i ever buy works so whats the point

Mar 25, 2012
Power switch breaks
by: Rod

We have had two of these and both of them had the power switch fail after a short time. Do not Buy this product.

Feb 07, 2012
not good
by: Anonymous

have bought 2 of these in the last year and am not impressed, the on /off switch brole and sparks started coming out of it.

Apr 04, 2011
Piece of Junk!
by: Darlene

I've gone through 2 of these coffeemakers in the last 3 months. With both the element stopped working after about 4 weeks. Don't buy the piece of crap!!!

Jun 01, 2010
Cheap materials
by: Anonymous

I purchased the DCM2000B on Feb 6, 2010. On May 26, we noticed a puddle under the pot after brewing our breakfast coffee. I cleaned it up thinking it was a spill. On May 28, another puddle appeared. My husband managed to dismantle the bottom of the coffeemaker to find that one of the hoses transporting water from the reservoir through the heating element had split.

I contacted B & D and I'm sending the cut-off end of the cord to them for a replacement coffeemaker. I complained and got the $7.50 shipping cost waived but still have to go through the hoops because of a cheap part. We cannot find the proper type of hose to make an easy repair. Vinyl hose burns through from the heat. It's just annoying that it has happened after such a short time. I've always used B & D products and am usually happy with them. This was an inexpensive coffeemaker that I purchased through one of their outlet stores.

Mar 11, 2010
power malfunction - cannot recommend
by: Anonymous

Our favorite coffee maker has been Black & Decker DCM2000. We liked all of it’s features and it makes a wonderful pot of coffee. We bought it for a reasonable price (I think about $35.00) in February 2006. We liked it because it was black which suited our kitchen color scheme and it doesn’t take up too much counter space.

It has auto shut off after 2 hours for my peace of mind and programmable start time for the early mornings. It was easy to fill and simple to operate. It came with a gold filter which is reusable which I don’t use that much, but it’s nice to have if I run out of the disposable ones.
However, we have had some problems with it and had to have it replaced under warranty about 11 months into the 12 month warranty period.

Suddenly one morning, the unit did not make coffee. I noticed that the power was getting to it because the light came on, but it did not brew coffee.

After some run-around, and sending in the plug, we finally got it replaced and were happy with it for another 15 months. However, the replacement had the exact same power malfunction that the first coffee maker had and this time they offered no replacement. In fact, they only offered a discount on a new coffee maker. I didn’t feel that was enough incentive to purchase another coffee maker from this company.

They did not fix the obvious design flaw, they just hoped it would last past the warranty, so they would not be responsible. I liked the design of this coffee maker better than the one we got to replace it, but I cannot recommend it.

Feb 25, 2010
Same Problem with B&D
by: Anonymous

We just purchased the same coffee maker about 5 weeks ago from a woman who was selling her recently deceased father's estate. She said he had just bought it and it was brand new.

So it could be no more than 3 months old and it didn't work this morning.

I am going to write them and tell them exactly what I'm thinkin!

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