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 Black and Decker Brew ‘n Go DCM18S Black and Decker Brew ‘n Go DCM18S star ratings
• Type: personal brewer with 15 oz travel mug
• Style: Brews directly into stainless steel mug
• Function: Permanent filter, auto shut-off
• Features: Dishwasher safe mug, lid, and filter basket

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5 Cup

 DCM675BMT 5 Cup  Coffee Maker DCM675BMT 5 Cup Coffee Maker star ratings
• Type: 5 cup programmable
• Style: Thermal carafe
• Function: Auto shut-off, removable filter basket, water level indicator
• Features: Programmable brew time and hot plate

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 DCM600B 5 cup Coffee Maker DCM600B 5 cup Coffee Maker star ratings
• Type: 5 cup
• Style: removable filter basket, removable filter basket
• Function: one touch, warm plate,
• Features: Easy to clean , good for small spaces

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12 Cup Spacemaker

 SDC740 spacemaker Coffee maker SDC740 12 Cup Spacemaker Coffee Maker star ratings
• Type: 12 cup, Programmable
• Style: Space-saving hanging design, removable filter, removable water reservoir,
• Function: Pause n’ serve, auto shut-off, non-stick heating plate, cord storage
• Features: perfect pour’ carafe, hangs or installs under cabinet ,connect spacesaver food processor directly to machine, 63% more counter space

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12 Cup programmable

 DCM100B Coffee maker DCM100B 12-Cup Programmable star ratings
• Type: 12 Cup Programmable
• Style: Black or White, Duralife carafe, digital display
• Function: Pause n’ serve, auto shut-, timer, non-stick warm plate,
• Features: Quick brew, low price, easy clean non-stick plate

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 black and decker DLX1050B DLX1050B 12 Cup programmable star ratings
• Type: 12 cup, programmable
• Style: Black or white, glass carafe , digital control panel, removable filter
• Function: Pause n’ serve, 2 hour auto shut-off , programmable clock, water and power indictor
• Features: Water level indicator, removable filter basket, get coffee mid brew,

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 Black and Decker BCM1410B Coffee maker BCM1410B 12 cup programmable star ratings
• Type: 12 Cup Programmable, 60 ounce carafe
• Style: Removable filter basket , LCD display,
• Function: Pause n’ serve, auto shut-off, get cup while brewing, auto brew,
• Features: Two-hour warming plate

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 black and decker DCM2160B Coffee maker DCM2160B 12 Cup programmable star ratings
• Type: 12 Cup Programmable
• Style: ‘Perfect pour’ carafe, removable brew basket
• Function: Pause n’ serve, auto shut-off , sneak cup, programmable brew time, water indicator
• Features: Easy to use and clean

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12 Cup Smartbrew

 DCM2500B SmartBrew DCM2500B SmartBrew star ratings
• Type: 12 cup programmable
• Style: ‘Perfect Pour’ carafe, ergonomic handl, 2 water windows, digital clock,
• Function: warming plate, auto shut-off, pause n’ serve, water filter, delayed start
• Features: program coffee upto 24 hours in advance,

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 DCM2000 smartbrew Coffee maker DCM2000 smartbrew star ratings
• Type: 12 Cup SmartBrew
• Style: ‘Perfect Pour’ carafe, ergonomic handle
• Function: Water level indicator, pause n’ serve
• Features: Easy to operate

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W didn"t we bought this 12 cup B&D coffee maker and 3 days ago and it seems to work ok as far as making coffee. THis is the one you can purchase at WalMart …

Black & Decker DCM18 Brew N' Go  
The best coffee maker I've had made coffee for one. I use the Brew 'N Go at work and it fits perfectly on my desk because it does not take up much room. …

Black and Decker DCM3100B 12 Cup Programmable  
I bought this coffee maker at Walmart about a year and a half ago. I really like the programmable feature. It is nice to be able to wake up to the smell …

Black and Decker Brew ‘n Go DCM18S  
The Brew ‘n Go Personal - DCM18S coffeemaker is ideal for students or people who are constantly on the go. This coffeemaker brews coffee in a short span …

Black & Decker Versa Brew DLX850 12 Cup Coffeemaker  
When our fancy coffeemaker stopped working after only 4 months of use, we decided to buy something more economical and simpler. The Black and Decker VersaBrew …

Black & Decker DE755B 12 Cup Coffeemaker 
My daughter gave me this coffeemaker as a Christmas gift last year. I'm not sure where she bought it, from Walmart or Target most likely. She bought a …

Black & Decker DCM2900 Smartbrew 12 cup Digital  
Wow, I don't know where to start on how horrible this coffee maker is. It all started on Christmas 2007. My girlfriend and I received the coffee maker …

Black and Decker DCM600B 5 cup Coffee Maker 
For a small family, a five cup coffee maker is an ideal kitchen companion. A DCM600B / DCM600W is a popular coffee maker from one of the leading manufacturers …

Black & Decker DCM1400B 10 Cup Coffee Maker 
Pros - Simple and easy design. Every feature it has it self explanatory doesn't take instructions, or a PhD to figure out how to use it - Programmable …

Black and Decker CM5050 Coffee Maker 
I have had Black & Decker coffee pots for 6 yrs..BUT this one is not worth packing home! I used it once & it fills with water in the basket & no matter …

Black & Decker DCM675BMT Coffee Maker 5 Cup 
For a small family, a 5-cup coffee maker would be enough to wake them up with the fresh and warm aroma of flavorful ground coffee beans. Black and Decker …

Black & Decker Duel Coffee Maker DDCM200 
I received this coffee maker as a Christmas gift from my mother-in-law. I have had it since December of 2007, so its been 6 months now. It has 2 travel …

Black & Decker DLX1050W 
We bought our coffee maker about a year ago. This Black & Decker model was stylish and we bought it from Wal-Mart. They did not have a great selection …

Black & Decker ODC425 Spacemaker Series 
First 2 were great and then they came out with this gem. Metal carafe that "rotted" on the inside within months (wrote B&D: no reply). Eliminated the …

Black and Decker ODC440 Spacemaker 12 cup 
Black & Decker ODC440 Spacemaker 12-Cup Coffee Maker This is the best coffee maker that I have ever used. It is simple but still has all the …

Black & Decker TCM450B 8-Cup Thermal 
I had been wanting a thermal carafe coffee maker for a long time and just couldn't find one that I really liked. I was given this one as a gift last year …

Black and Decker Cafe Noir DCM1400 
Black & Decker DCM1400 Cafe Noir 10-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker So I brought this coffee maker so because I wanted coffee in the morning before …

Black and Decker DCM500 Smart Brew 
Black & Decker DCM500B SmartBrew 5-Cup Coffeemaker When my coffee maker no longer worked, I was in the market for another one, but wanted to …

Black and Decker BCM1410B 12 cup Coffee Maker 
Black and Decker is one of the leading manufacturers of coffee makers. It has been in existence for several years now. Read on to know if one of its popular …

Black and Decker DCM100B 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker  
Programmable DCM100B/ DCM100W is one of the coffee maker units of Black and Decker. This unit has good and bad points as well. Read on to know more about …

Black & Decker DCM2500B SmartBrew  
When it comes to coffee makers, Black and Decker is considered one of the leading manufacturers. One of the unit that Black and Decker boasts is the SmartBrew …

Black & Decker DE790B 8-Cup Thermal Carafe  
I love this coffee maker. After breaking three glass carafes in as many months, my wife and I searched for something I could not break. This B&D pot …

Black and Decker DCM2000 
SmartBrew Plus DCM2000 / DCM2000B is a coffee maker product of Black and Decker. There are actually a lot of features that Black and Decker boasts about …

Black and Decker SDC740 12 Cup Coffee Maker 
One of the popular units of Black and Decker is the SDC740 coffee maker. Read on to know how consumers perceive SDC740. SDC740 / SDC740B is a programmable …

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Black and Decker DLX1050B 12 Cup Coffee Maker 
Programmable DLX1050B / DLX1050W is a coffee maker from one of the leading coffee maker manufacturers, Black and Decker. Read on to know the benefits …

Black and Decker DCM2160B 12 Cup Coffee Maker 
Black and Decker offers many units of coffee makers. Each unit has its good as well as its bad points. Read this review to know the benefits and the drawbacks …

Black and Decker CMD3400MB 12-cup Coffee Maker 
This coffee maker has a lot of great features and is reasonably price. The clock on the front of the unit is nice, and you are able to program the coffee …

CM1050W Not rated yet
I am still trying to get rid of the 'new plastic' taste after brewing. Dry run brewing is simply running the brew cycle without coffee to get rid of the …

cm 1509 black & decker Not rated yet
Tried to use this pot 3 times and got liquid all over the floor each time. returning fast

DCM2160B 12 Cup programmable  Not rated yet
The description that is provided is very misleading. Obviously this machine was not used by anyone in the company before putting it on the market. This …

DCM2160B Not rated yet
I know 2 other families who have this same model, and I thought it was maybe just my pot that was " Design Flawed " but they too have the same issue. When …

Black & Decker 8-cup thermal programmable coffeemaker (Model #CM1509) Not rated yet
Great coffee! I had scanned many reviews and everyone seemed to have a pro and con for any model that I was considering. I settled on the B&D because …

cmd3400mbc Not rated yet
l love it, my son got it for me for a gift at Christmas , but l can't find filters for it,, why do u people make these machines and NO filters, and filter …

Black & Decker model CM5050 Not rated yet
The WORST maker I have owned, it was purchased 12/09 the caraffe leaks when you pour, I returned one and thinking it was faulty but when you purchase 2 …

Black and Decker CM1010B Not rated yet
Carafe isn't worth a flip. Will pour coffee all down the side when pouring.

Black and Decker DE755 Not rated yet
I purchased this one about 6 months ago and this morning when I grabbed the handle to pull the pot out, the pot seperated from the handle. The plastic …

Black & Decker 5-Cup Coffeemaker #DCM600W Not rated yet
Purchased a few days ago for $15.99, and I'm not impressed. I guess you get what you pay for. The mouth of the 5-cup carafe is a bit small. I can get …

Black & Decker : Home Cafe GT300 Not rated yet
We purchased a Black & Decker brand single serve coffee maker from the Home Cafe' series. It was on sale at Target in December and we've enjoyed using …

Black and Decker 4 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker Not rated yet
This coffee maker is perfect for the average college student. Even if you and your roommate share a coffee maker and both drink coffee, an 8-12 cup machine …

Black & Decker DCM1410B 12-Cup Programmable  Not rated yet
This coffeemaker is very similar to other tall Black & Decker coffeemakers currently available at Wal-Mart (February 09). It has a fill window on the …

Black and Decker DCM7 Cup-at-a-Time Personal Coffeemaker Not rated yet
Black & Decker DCM7 Cup-At-A-Time Coffeemaker My mother's Birthday was right around the corner. When I was trying to decide what to get her, …

Black and Decker Optima 12 cup 3360WH  Not rated yet
I bought this coffee make from Wal-Mart thinking I was getting a great buy. I also liked the “new”ish design that the coffee maker offered. It was created …

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