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Black and Decker CMD3400MB 12-cup Coffee Maker

This coffee maker has a lot of great features and is reasonably price. The clock on the front of the unit is nice, and you are able to program the coffee maker to start making your coffee before you are even awake. It brews the coffee quickly and keeps it warm for up to two hours after brewed and then shuts off automatically.

This is a really nice feature if you like to have a few cups of coffee during your morning. It does have a 12 cup capacity, although you can make any number of cups you would like. This machine is easy to clean and does look nice, although it does take up some space on the counter.

One of the nicest things about the unit is that it makes the coffee very quickly, and even if you don’t use the programmable feature you can have your coffee right away. Problems with the temperature setting on unit compromise confidence in leaving it plugged in and ready. The unit I have is likely to not shut off when needed, although this may be in only isolated cases, it does influence the my choice to recommend using the automatic settings.

This problem occurred after many uses in my case, and I don’t leave the machine plugged in when I am not using it. It stayed very hot when it was on and did not shut off. I still use the machine, since it was a gift from my kids and I do love that it makes coffee quickly. I just won’t leave it plugged in when I am finished.

- Keeps coffee hot after brewing
- Brews a good cup of coffee quickly
- Problems with the unit not shutting off
- Takes up a good bit of space on the counter top

2 out of 5

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Jul 23, 2012
water leaks like everyone else
by: Anonymous

dido for me for the above comments about the water leaking around the edge of the basket. Where did B&D hire their design engineers from ???.... Devry?

Jan 03, 2011
Works Great... For a While
by: Dave

I used this coffee maker at least daily for about a year without any problems. It brews very quickly, and the temperature of the warming plate can be adjusted. In fact, this machine brews so quickly, I do not even bother to program it any more.

After about a year, it started to leak from around the basket. Water drips down the side of carafe onto the warming plate to sizzle and boil away.

It seems that the leaking water is not making it into the basket. Rather, it is running down between the outside of the basket and the inside of the swing-out basket holder.

I have been placing a towel over the edge of the carafe to catch the water as it drips from around the basket. This is obviously not an optimal solution.

I would give this coffee maker 5 stars for the first year, and 0 after that. The leak is both a big hassle and safety concern.

Oct 10, 2010
by: Nancy

I purchased this coffee maker in Feb/10, as time goes on it leaks more and more from the brew basket compartment, so much that I need to put a towel under it every night,dry the counter in the am, dry the cloth the next day for the next nights use. Am going to check to see if I can return it to Canadian Tire where I bought it and replace it with a different brand.

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