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Black and Decker Cafe Noir DCM1400

by M. Tilly


Black & Decker DCM1400 Cafe Noir
10-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

So I brought this coffee maker so because I wanted coffee in the morning before I went to work and it was cheap. This coffee maker was less than $20. It has a clock on it that allow you to set a time for the coffee to start brewing. Very convenient.

I could load up my grounds and set the timer the night before for 10 minutes before my clock went off and in the morning I wake up to the smell of coffee.

The coffee maker is very easy to use and fits in with my kitchen decor. Only 4 buttons to use. To make a pot of coffee all I do is put my filter in the grounds compartment, measure my coffee grounds, put the grounds in the filter, fill my pot with the desired amount of water, empty my pot in to the resevior, close my lid and push start.

As soon as I have enough coffee for a cup I can pull the pot out and pour myself a cup. The coffee continues to brew but it has a stopper to prevent it from coming out when the pot is removed.

I'm not what you would call a serious coffee drinker but I do like a cup every now and then and the Black and Decker Cafe Noir fill the bill.

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Jul 30, 2010
Need a CoffeeMaker that lasts !!
by: smbcoffee

Mine stopped working after only about 2 months. Are any of these things reliable? I seem to replace about 4 a year!!

Mar 10, 2010
four reasons not to buy
by: Dana

Not a good coffee maker for the following reasons:
1. Difficult to pour coffee with out dripping
2. The hot plate discolored rapidly
3. Difficult to fill with water
4. Only worked for about one year

Mar 10, 2010
malfunctioning after 4 months
by: Anonymous

I started out liking the coffee maker, I do not use the programmable feature, I just bought the maker for it's name and quality.

I've had the coffee pot about 4 months, as of yesturday.....12/15/09 the coffee pot started to boil over and the filter back filled with water and grounds. yes, I did check it in the morning before making coffee, like I do everyday. The pot is now broke after only 4 months, I'm very disappointed.

Round Lake Beach, IL.

Dec 02, 2009
by: Elizabeth

Buenas Tardes. una pregunta.. esta cafetera.. si le tiene que poner el filtro blanco para poner el cafe.. ???
mi correo es : elizabeth_alvamore@hotmail.com

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