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Black and Decker Brew ‘n Go DCM18S

The Brew ‘n Go Personal - DCM18S coffeemaker is ideal for students or people who are constantly on the go. This coffeemaker brews coffee in a short span of time, allowing users to just grab and go with their caffeine fix safely in their bags. The parts are dishwasher-safe, including the stainless steel mug designed to keep your coffee hot. Tapered to a 2 ½-inch diameter bottom, the mug fits with most travel mug bottoms.

A permanent filter is also installed in this Personal coffeemaker model, ultimately saving up on paper filters. Perfect for small spaces, an auto shut off function is made available to make sure that the coffee tastes good every time, without the risk of over-brewing. The Brew ‘n Go Personal - DCM18S may also provide hot water for instant noodles, cereals, or oat meals.

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- This coffeemaker brews directly into a 15-ounce travel mug.
- It is energy-efficient with an auto shut off function to make sure that coffee does not taste bitter.
- Most parts are dishwasher-safe, including the mug, mug lid filter basket, and filter.
- It contains a permanent filter, eliminating the need for messy paper filters.
- It comes with a stainless steel travel mug, designed to keep coffee hot after a period of time.
- The heated water may also be used for other purposes such as instant noodles, cereals, oat meals, or hot chocolate.


The good thing about the Brew ‘n Go Personal - DCM18S is its capability of heating water for other purposes such as instant noodles, cereals, oat meals, or hot chocolate. The coffee brews directly into a 15-ounce stainless steel mug with a cool holder for an easy grip.

Consumers also like the idea of easy clean-ups and maintenance, since the parts are dishwasher-friendly. These include the mug, mug lid, filter, and filter basket. The permanent filter also saves up on paper filter expense.

According to its owners and users, the model is also less expensive compared to other coffeemakers. Plus, it may last a long time. Because of its small size, the Brew ‘n Go Personal - DCM18S can easily fit in a cubicle or small spaces while still providing your daily caffeine fix.

This coffeemaker model is perfect for students or households with only few coffee drinkers. Some consumers have claimed that the model could last up to five years even with daily use, guaranteeing durability for the long run.


Consumers have complained that the reusable filter does not produce satisfactory results as additional dregs can still pass through the coffee. The interior of the travel mug is made of plastic.

Also, the Brew ‘n Go Personal - DCM18S is currently hard to find in most local stores, although you can easily purchase it online. Others have also claimed that it has only lasted six months.

- fast brewing time
- stainless steel mug that keeps coffee hot is light and can be easily carried around
- has a permanent filter, which allows users to save on paper filters
- easy to use
- simple clean-up, since most parts are dishwasher-safe.
- less expensive
- may last up to 5 years even with daily use

- permanent filter still allows coffee dregs to pass through
- must be used together with a paper filter for a more palatable-tasting coffee
- traveler mug interior is plastic, which makes for that distinct plastic smell
- currently hard to find in most local stores.
- some users have complained that the product life has only lasted for 6 months
- can be messy since the drip less spout feature still drips occasionally
- some consumers have complained about lukewarm coffee produced

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by: Nisha Spinney

Good cofee is very important for me as essay writer, so I finnaly deside to buy this cofee machine. Very food quality.

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Nov 24, 2011
long lasting
by: Anonymous

My Brew and Go is over five years old and still going strong! It is quick and easy and I'm looking for a new one so I can put this one in the trailer.

The only gripe I have with it is that I like strong coffee and if I put too many grounds in, it overflows the basket and I get grounds in my coffee.

Jul 16, 2010
Great 'lil sidekick
by: AJI

Easy and fast to brew a cup of coffee-- even if you're still half asleep. One-button operation. Get the permanent filter. Wish it could take a water filter.

Jul 12, 2010
Malfunctioning P.O.S.
by: Anonymous

Have had multiple machines, each one screws up. Finally just can't stand the run-around of trying to exchange it anymore and am going to try and just get a refund. We'll see how that goes...

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