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Black and Decker BCM1410B 12 cup Coffee Maker

Black and Decker is one of the leading manufacturers of coffee makers. It has been in existence for several years now. Read on to know if one of its popular unit meet the qualifications of the consumers.

Programmable BCM1410B is one of the coffee maker models that Black and Decker boasts. The unit's cost ranges from $34.64 to 39.99. The product comes with a 2-year gurantee. Aside from this, Black and Decker claims that the unit is durable because of its Duralife Carafe system.

Key features

- Sneak-a-cup feature - The sneak-a-cup feature is a very helpful feature. This one is practical for those consumers who can't wait until brewing for their first cup of coffee.

-QuickTouchâ„¢ programming and delayed brewing system - This feature allows the users to pre-program the controls for automatic brewing. There's actually a programmable clock that you could set a night before so you can wake up to the aroma of your favorite blend.

- Optimal Brewing Temperature - This feature ensures the fast and immediate brewing of coffee. with this, you don't have to wait for a very long time to have your cup of coffee. With this feature, you can serve coffee in a jiffy.

- 2-Hour auto shutoff - The 2-hour auto shut-off is designed for added safety. The coffee maker will automatically switch off after two hours. This feature prevents the overheating of the coffee maker unit.

- Removable Filter Basket - The removable filter basket is ideal for the easy cleaning of the coffee maker.

- "Keep Warm" plate feature - The coffee maker also has a feature that retains the hotness of the coffee 2 hours after brewing through this "keep warm" plate feature.


According to many consumers, one of the best things about this coffee maker is its easy to control features. The unit has controls that are not complicated to understand. There are a lot of people who take the 2 hour stuff-off feature as one of the best things about this coffee maker. Through this, consumers who forgot to switch off the coffee maker won't risk overheating the equipment.

There are consumers who commend warm plate feature which keeps the coffee warm for two hours. Other users who say that the best thing about the coffee maker is its programmable clock. The programable allows the users to set the coffee maker a night before.

Some consumers are pleased with the coffee maker's ability to heat up and brew the coffee quickly. The easy-to-clean design is also a plus for many consumers.


The unit also has a lot of disadvantages. One of the things that many users complain about is the spilling and leaking of the coffee. The steam sometimes leaks into the burner which eventually causes the burner to develop rust. Some consumers say that if they grind their coffee too fine, the coffee overflows.

Other consumers say that the biggest drawback in buying the product is its cost. According to them, there are many products that are lower in price but with equal features.


- can produce more cups of coffee
- easy to clean
- automatic shut-off after two hours
- the coffee won't easily cool down
- one can serve a cup even if the brewing is not yet done
- brewing coffee is fast


- Auto Brew
- not energy-efficient
- steam somethines leaks coffee
- pricey compared to other coffee makers

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Jan 22, 2012
annother disapointed buyer
by: Anonymous

I'm glad we have Black counter tops. The continued spilling of coffee would turn them black otherwise.

Oct 20, 2011
countertop wet with water and coffee all the time
by: Anonymous

Good saw, not coffee pot. You need pin point precision when pouring water into the back. The pour spout is made in a way that if you pour too You can't sneak a cup without having coffee drip all over. The glass pot stains very easy after a fewe uses. the controls are located at the bottom of the unit. Coffee drips on the bottons then sticks them together. When you lift the lid to take out the filter, water condensation under the lid runs right off and onto the countertop. I'm going to buy a Mr. Coffee the one with the big green clock in front. That is the best coffee pot for everyday use by far. Black and Decker please stay with power tools. I can believe this coffee pot made it to production with out testing it first. If you are thinking that this is a lie, than go ahead and buy it you'll be sorry.

Mar 11, 2011
Spills more than you pour
by: Anonymous

Get out the paper towels and wipe up the mess every time you pour a cup. What a hassle.

Feb 07, 2011
by: Anonymous

This coffee maker is a piece of junk! Lasted less thank 6 months. Even when it worked it leaked! DO NOT BUY!

Nov 28, 2010
by: paul

had it 4 for month and it quit working just like the one before Made one Pot a day and nothing like waking up and finding no coffee, Maybe Walmart getting their seconds

Nov 04, 2010
Poor quality product
by: Rudy Garcia

Have only had this coffee maker for just over a year and it has died. For the last week of it's life it got slower and slower. There was a time when a coffee maker lasted years before giving it up. We have a basic Mr Coffee that we bought for our camping trips that is 7 years old now and still works like day one.

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