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Black and Decker 4 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

This coffee maker is perfect for the average college student. Even if you and your roommate share a coffee maker and both drink coffee, an 8-12 cup machine is just too big and rather wasteful. This one makes four cups and is perfect. You use less coffee grounds, it brews faster, and you waste less. The machine was extremely inexpensive and I have had no problems with it thus far.

It is small enough to sit pretty much anywhere, on top of the fridge, on the corner of your desk, even in the windowsill if the ledge is big enough. The cord is long enough to reach to a nearby outlet so you are not limited in that sense either. The programming feature is very convenient.

The brew on the machine takes about five minutes so I found what works best is to set my alarm clock for the same time as the start of the brew so by the time I get out of bed the coffee is done and fresh. It takes small filters which are less expensive and brews any quality of coffee from Folgers to Starbucks. It is also very easy to clean and brews consistently.

The only downside is the sound. Especially in a dorm room where it is a crammed space and everything is in one area, a loud coffee maker can be an annoyance. However, in my case it doesn’t matter all that much since the brew is turned on when I am supposed to be getting up.

But for those who have a roommate who doesn’t have the same schedule or who choose to brew their coffee before they get up, it may very well wake you before your alarm. Again, the brew is only five minutes so even though it may be loud, it is not for a long period of time.

Overall, I would highly recommend this model to any coffee drinking college student.

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