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Bialetti Mooka Express

by Bill
(Cambridge, MA)

I have had my Bialetti Mooka Express espresso maker for over five years. My brother sent it to me while he was in Italy, and I have used it faithfully ever since. It will make two cups of espresso in as much time as it takes for me to put the grounds in the holder and heat the water.

I should note that the Mooka Express is probably one of the simplest coffee makers you can imagine. The water goes in the base and the grounds into a holder that is inserted between the base and where the coffee is collected. The simplicity of the device is one of the best features for me.

This espresso maker can be used on an electric stove, or with any source of flame. I like it because it is small enough for me to take anywhere and use with a portable stove. The coffee is the exact right temperature for me when it’s ready.

The only drawbacks I can think of is that it only makes two cups and it is cumbersome to clean if you want to make more espresso right away. This only occurs for me when I want to make some for three or more people and requires me to cool it off under running water or dump the used grounds while holding the base with a towel so I don’t get burned.

I recommend the Mooka Express for anyone that wants to have a small manual espresso maker that won’t cost a fortune. I have had espresso from fancy machines that cost a lot of money and supposedly are optimized for temperature and pressure, but the espresso I make from my little Bialetti tastes way better to me.

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