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Bialetti Moka 6799 Aluminum 3-cup Espresso Maker

with Sound Signal and Aluminum Body

with Sound Signal and Aluminum Body

The Bialetti Moka Sound stovetop espresso maker has a serving capacity of 3 espresso cups or 200ml. This espresso maker comes with an aluminum body for added durability and efficiency. What's unique about this Bialetti model is the electronic system. The knob makes a sound signal or tune once brewing is done for the espresso.

Interior Features
  • The Bialetti Moka Sound comes with an innovative knob on the pot that plays a tune once the espresso is ready to be served. The sound serves as a signal to users that brewing is finished.
  • The unit has a capacity of three espresso cups, which is ideal for a small household or personal use.

    Exterior Features

  • It uses the standard design of other stovetop percolators from Bialetti. It comes with an 8-sided top and bottom. The base can easily fit on different stovetops.
  • The unit comes in an all-aluminum construction that ensures durability. The aluminum construction helps preserve the excellent taste of the espresso made through this coffee machine.
  • The knob and handle are easy to hold, while the spout and sealed lid make serving more convenient, without worrying about drips or burns.

    Dimension Specifications

    Total volume or number of cups: 3 espresso cups = 6.5 fl.oz/200ml


    No need to check on the espresso maker from time to time. The sound signal will alert you when brewing is finally through. Instead of the usual sound signal, the alert tone comes in a tune. The small size of the unit makes it a perfect fit for a small kitchen cabinet or countertop. This espresso maker is actually a space-saver. It also has an excellent design that makes it an ideal addition to a kitchen with a modern feel. The aluminum construction ensures that the unit will last for a long time. This means you don't have to purchase another one soon enough. This will help you save money in the long run. The espresso maker has a solid base and simple design that ensures fast brewing at all times.


    The Bialetti Moka Sound is not widely available. This product is no longer in stock in some stores online. According to some stores, there is no definite date yet for the availability of this unit. This espresso maker has a small serving capacity. This is only good for a small household or for personal use. You can't use a dishwasher to wash this espresso maker. Hand-washing is required.


  • has sound signal when brewing is done
  • space-saver
  • aluminum construction
  • durable
  • easy to use
  • fast brewing


  • limited availability
  • requires hand-washing

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