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Bialetti Mini Express Stovetop Percolator

 Aluminum 2-Cup with Heater Unit and Spout

Aluminum 2-Cup with Heater Unit and Spout

The Bialetti Mini Express stovetop percolator is a stylish espresso maker that comes in aluminum body with black and gold accents. With this espresso maker, you can produce great tasting espresso and cappuccino. It uses the same heater unit found in Moka Express and has uniquely designed spouts that serve coffee directly into the cup.

Interior Features
  • The Bialetti Mini Express is designed to produce great-tasting cappuccino and espresso based drinks, up to 2 espresso cups. It is made from materials that do not leave a weird taste for your next brew.
  • This unit has an Italian quality and design to it, which means that this stovetop percolator is designed using the principles of the best espresso producing country in the world.

    Exterior Features

  • The Mini Express is not bulky, so it can fit on your small kitchen cabinet or any countertop. Its bottom can also fit on any stovetop perfectly.
  • This unit comes in three color combination, silver, black, and gold. It is far from your traditional stovetop percolator when it comes to design.
  • It comes with a special heater unit to keep coffee warm and spouts that will pour coffee into the cup.

    Dimension Specifications

    Total volume or number of cups: 2 espresso cups


    What consumers like about the Bialetti Mini Express is that it can produce excellent-tasting coffee and espresso based drinks. The unit does not retain any taste or odor from previous brewing. The Mini Express does a good job at brewing coffee fast. With this unit, you can have a great tasting espresso within 4 to 5 minutes. It has a very stylish and innovative design. It is so unlike the other stovetop percolators from the same brand. The black and gold accents match the aluminum body.Unlike other models from Bialetti, the Mini Express is widely available. Actually, this one can be shipped to locations outside the US.


  • With a limited capacity of 2 espresso cups, some consider this espresso maker a bit expensive for its price.


  • excellent design
  • stylish (with black and gold accents)
  • space-saver
  • widely available
  • fast brewing
  • does not retain smell and taste of previous brews
  • has a heater unit
  • spouts that directly serve into cups


  • a bit pricey for some buyers
  • very limited serving capacity

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