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Bialetti Dama Deco 07006 Espresso Maker

Black 6-cup with Polka Dot Design and Silicone Handle

Black 6-cup with Polka Dot Design and Silicone Handle

The Bialetti Dama Deco boasts of its Italian quality and design. The dual chamber design is made of an eight-sided top pot and bell-bottom boiler. This unit allows espresso lovers to make their favorite drink within a short span of time, about 4 to 5 minutes. It is designed to make great-tasting Italian espressos and ensure faster brewing times.

Interior Features
  • This Bialetti Dama Deco makes up to six cups (10 fl.oz./300ml), serving flavorful coffee blends. It does not retain the flavor and aroma of the previous brewing after it is washed.
  • This stovetop espresso maker is designed to heat up fast, so you can have your espresso ready within the short span of 4 to 5 minutes. It can be used on electric, ceramic, and gas stovetops.

    Exterior Features

  • The handle of this espresso maker is made of silicone. This remains cool even if the pot holds warm coffee or espresso based drinks.
  • This resembles the original Moka Express stovetop. However, this one comes in black with white polka dots. It also comes in other colors such as red and blue.
  • It comes in a soft rounded design, with dual chambers made of an eight-sided top-pot and bell-bottom boiler. The aluminum body ensures durability and faster heating capabilities.

    Dimension Specifications

    Total volume or number of cups: 6-cup (10 fl.oz./300ml)


    The Dama Deco, like other stovetop espresso makers from the same brand, is very easy to use. It has a simple design with easy to spot controls. It can be used on almost any type of stovetops from ceramic to gas to electric types. It comes in different color options, from black to red with polka dots. Handling and serving are made safe. This espresso maker has a silicone handle that keeps you from scalding your hand when you hold it.

    It stays cool even if the pot holds steaming hot coffee or espresso based drinks. With this espresso maker, you can have your favorite Italian espresso ready without really waiting for too long. The soft rounded design and octagon-shaped pot makes it stand out from other stovetop espresso makers made by Bialetti. Though a splash of color and a unique shape are added, it remains durable and heats up quickly because of its aluminum construction. It is a definite upgrade compared to other stovetop models like Dama and Moka Express.


    This model is not widely available. Although this unit is available in different color options, there are some consumers who prefer units with standard designs and solid colors.


  • Italian quality and design
  • fast brewing
  • can produce authentic tasting espresso
  • has an interesting design
  • stay-cool silicone handle
  • easy to use
  • can be used on ceramic, electric, and gas stovetops


  • not widely available
  • design may not be appealing to other consumers

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