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Bialetti Cuor Di Moka Espresso Maker

Polished Aluminum 3-cup with Bayonet-locking System and Anti-burn Silicone Handle

Polished Aluminum 3-cup with Bayonet-locking System and Anti-burn Silicone Handle

This small but stylish espresso maker packs some neat features that espresso lovers would truly appreciate. The extraction system makes sure that the espresso will be brewed using just the right level of temperature and pressure. Unlike other stovetop models, the Cuor Di Moka espresso maker offers well-rounded flavors. Handling and pouring are also made safe, thanks to the bayonet-locking system and the stay-cool handle made of anti-burn silicone.

Interior Features
  • This espresso maker has a capacity of three cups, just ideal for a small household or for personal use. It makes less coffee because the only needed amount of water in the lower chamber is used to filter and extract coffee blends.
  • It uses a click on closing system for the top and bottom chambers that makes brewing more efficient. This feature is really convenient for many users, as it ensures safety in handling and serving.
  • The patented extraction system of Cuor Di Moka works by maintaining the right temperature and pressure level for that smooth and well-rounded espresso flavor.

    Exterior Features

  • Like other stovetop models from Bialetti, the Cuor Di Moka also comes in a standard dual chamber design. The polished aluminum body ensures that the espresso you brew through this unit tastes good and does not have any weird odor.
  • Compared to other stove top espresso makers from the same brand, the Cuor Di Moka comes in a more visually-appealing design and shape.
  • The Cuor di Moka comes with anti-burn silicone handle. This makes pouring, serving, and handling safe.

    Dimension Specifications

    Product Dimensions: 5.8 x 4.2 x 7 inches
    Total volume or number of cups: 3 cups = 4.7 fl.oz/140ml


    Handling and serving are made safe and easy, thanks to the silicone handle and click-on closing system that seals both chambers. No more drips, leaks, or burns to worry about when using this stovetop espresso maker. The coffee or espresso brewed keeps an organic flavor. The coffee or espresso blends seem pure and well-rounded because of the extraction system that uses less water. With the dual chamber design, polished aluminum body, and click on closing system, this espresso maker is easy to clean and maintain.Storage is easy because of its space-saving design. It can easily fit in a small kitchen cabinet. It has a very durable body and it easily heats up.


    The price is one its main drawbacks, given its limited serving capacity, simple design, and basic features. Some find it too expensive when you can purchase an espresso maker with bigger capacity and similar features at almost the same price. The very small serving capacity of this unit is also a downside. This brewing pot can only serve up to 3 cups of espresso.


  • good design
  • durable construction
  • handy and portable
  • easily heats up
  • offers well-rounded coffee blends
  • space-saver
  • easy handling
  • safe and convenient to use


  • expensive compared to other espresso makers
  • small serving capacity

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    May 19, 2012
    Waste of time
    by: Anonymous

    Excited to try this one based on glowing reviews. Liars all!

    Less than half the water put in the bottom can be made into espresso. Best results require low heat and a long time. Buy better coffee and use almost any other method! The Bialetti Di Moka is a waste of time and money.

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