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Bialetti Cioccolata and Cappuccino Hot Chocolate Maker and Milk Frother

Black 33 fl. oz. with Cool Mixing Feature and Adjustable Timer

Black 33 fl. oz. with Cool Mixing Feature and Adjustable Timer

The Bialetti 33. fl. oz. Black Hot Chocolate Maker and Milk Frother is an extremely versatile device that is perfect for people who want to experiment with their coffee. Capable of producing creamy hot chocolate as well as cappuccino or latte, users can enjoy quality coffee drinks at a relatively cheaper price. At the same time, the unit is also capable of producing cold coffee mixes, making it a smart little device to have around the kitchen. Blending attachments are also available to get the desired result for each drink batch.

Interior Features
  • The unit can prepare creamy hot chocolate and froth for cappuccino, latte, or chai teas. Aside from these, it can also accommodate iced drinks and shakes with its cool mixing feature. Buyers can then save more by using one hot chocolate and cappuccino maker for a whole variety of beverages.
  • Two blending attachments makes blending easy and completely versatile. This is a feature not always found in other units. The unit can accommodate up to 33. fl. oz, which is good enough for personal use.
  • An adjustable timer and warming function are also available. These features will make sure that you can have hot, flavorful cups when you want it.

    Exterior Features

  • The unit comes with an automatic on and off switch for added convenience. It doesn't have the clutter and all those overwhelming functions found in other units.
  • Designed with a black soft touch exterior and chrome plated accents, the device is of stylish make.

    Dimension Specifications

    Height: 12 inches
    Width: 9.5 inches (widest point)
    Total volume/number of Cups: 33 fl. oz.


    This hot chocolate maker and milk frother can be used for a wider variety of hot and cold drinks for both coffee and chocolate lovers. Blending is very easy with the two blending attachments that come with the model. Cleaning is easy and takes only minutes. Each drink coming from this model is high quality with an appealing amount of froth. The model is stylish and works well with any kitchen decor. The model comes with a two year limited warranty. Small and compact, the unit saves up on space in the kitchen. The 33 fl. oz. capacity is bigger than competing products. The timer allows users to adjust to their desired amount of froth consistency for each drink. Warming function keeps drinks pleasurably hot for longer periods of time as well as adjusting temperature requirements. The auto on and off switch ensures safety of use of the device.


    Some users have commented that the unit doesn't produce thick enough froth. The serving size for the model is too small for some users.


  • very versatile
  • small and compact
  • stylish
  • keeps drinks warm
  • can create cold drinks
  • very easy to use
  • efficient cleaning
  • produces great tasting drinks
  • less expensive
  • auto on and off switch
  • two year limited warranty


  • not enough froth
  • small size rations

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