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Bialetti Brikka Stovetop Percolator

Aluminum 4-Cup with Dual Chamber Design and Pressurizing Process

Aluminum 4-Cup with Dual Chamber Design and Pressurizing Process

The Bialetti Brikka stovetop percolator is a coffee maker that comes in a dual chamber design and uses the pressurizing process for quick brews. The waiting time is about 4 to 5 minutes. Unlike other coffee machines, the aluminum stovetop percolator serves creamy coffee like no other. It can serve up to 4 2-ounce cups, enough for personal use and serving a few house guests.

Interior Features
  • The unit has a dual chamber design that ensures quality brewing at all times. It also uses a pressurizing process for the fast brewing of espresso based drinks and other beverages. Bialetti takes pride in saying that Brikka is one coffee maker that can make creamy coffee like no other.
  • This percolator can make 4 2-ounce cups of coffee, making it an ideal addition to small households. The stovetop percolator works as a coffee maker and filter in one.

    Exterior Features

  • The Bialetti Brikka comes in an octagon shape and aluminum finish, adding a touch of elegance to a simple stovetop percolator. The wide opening and easy-grip, cool handle make pouring coffee safe and easy.
  • The percolator has a transparent lid to help you easily monitor the brewing process. The lid can also be hand-washed.

    Dimension Specifications

    Product Dimensions: 4 x 7 x 8 inches
    Total volume or number of cups: 4 2-ounce cups


    The dual chamber design and pressurizing process help speed up brewing. It takes 4 to 5 minutes to enjoy a freshly served, hot cup. The espresso maker comes in an octagon shape, which gives the percolator a unique look and a modern feel. Aside from this, the model is also easy and convenient to store because it is small.
  • It can make rich and creamy espressos when properly set for a quick brew. Unlike other coffee makers, this stovetop percolator doesn't have those complicated buttons and dials but comes in a simple design with all the basic features you will need. This coffee maker is easy to clean and operate. The wide opening makes filling hassle-free.


    Perhaps the major drawback of this unit is the size and limited capacity. Although it is highly portable, it can't really make too many cups of espresso. You only get 4 2-ounce cups after a brew. The price is quite expensive given its limited features and capacity. At more than $50, you can find other espresso and coffee makers that come in more advanced features and have a better design. The overall design of the percolator is not as impressive as other units sold in the market.


  • comes in a dual chamber design
  • uses a specialized pressurizing process
  • handy and portable
  • ensures fast brewing (4 to 5 minutes)
  • easy to clean and store


  • limited serving capacity
  • not so impressive design
  • a bit expensive given its limited features

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