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Bialetti 4 Cup 06887 Stovetop Espresso Percolator

Class Black  Stainless Steel 4-cup or 6-cup with Insulated Black Rubber Handle and Knob

Class Black Stainless Steel 4-cup or 6-cup with Insulated Black Rubber Handle and Knob

The Bialetti Class Black comes with an insulated black rubber handle and knob, which is considered to be a more practical design than the gold version that is known for its refined look. This percolator is said to be a hybrid of excellent design and functionality. The stainless steel construction makes it a practical choice for many espresso and coffee lovers because of durability and fast brewing capabilities.

Interior Features
  • The espresso maker is available in 4-cup and 6-cup capacities (2 ounces a cup). It can be used on both electric and gas stoves.
  • The dual chamber design and pressurizing process ensure flavorful brews that can be compared to Italian espressos. The stovetop can easily be heated in a fire, and in a few minutes, hot cups are ready to be served.
  • The pressure release valve makes preparing hot brews easy, safe, and fast. It keeps coffee warm for a long while.

    Exterior Features

  • Aside from using a stainless steel filter basket, this espresso percolator also comes in 18/10 stainless steel body. The heavy gauge makes sure that it will stay in place and won't easily tip over, while the stainless steel body lets the surface heat up immediately.
  • Compared to other Bialetti coffee and espresso makers, this model stands out because of its elegant shape. It comes with a stay-cool handle and knob made of black insulated rubber.
  • The bottom is just the right size to fit for the stovetop. Start the fire, and you can be sure that the percolator will make flavorful brews in minutes.

    Dimension Specifications

    Product Dimensions: approximately 4 inches x 8 inches
    Total volume or number of cups: 4 cups = 8.0 fl.oz/230ml; 6 cups = 10 fl.oz/300ml


    With this espresso maker, you can make espresso and coffee in the span of 4 to 5 minutes. This is because of the stainless steel body that allows for faster heating capabilities since stainless steel is known as a good conductor of heat. The stainless steel body not only ensures durability but is also easy to clean. You can easily wipe off coffee stains. This coffee machine makes great-tasting espressos. The stainless steel body does not change the flavor of the coffee or espresso based drinks. Compared to other models and units from other brands, it is priced just right for its set of features, durable construction, and capabilities.


    The Bialetti Class coffee maker doesn't have a very eye-catching design. It's simple but not as elegant as other coffee machines. Some consumers complain about having drips and leaks.


  • durable
  • easy to clean and maintain
  • less expensive than other stovetop percolators
  • stainless steel body doesn't affect the espresso's flavor
  • simple to use
  • has safety features
  • brews coffee or espresso based drinks in a few minutes
  • heats up quickly


  • limited design and color
  • may drip or leak

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