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When you decide to purchase a coffee maker here are three pieces of advice which should be considered.

Firstly, it is impossible to buy a coffee maker without much information about its characteristics or without tasting the coffee it makes, because the risk of having an unpleasant surprise is great!

Secondly, in order to enjoy the coffee you want, you should opt for a high quality machine. Finally, remember that the coffee is important as well, so you must pay attention to the coffee you buy too. The more it will be freshly milled, the more its flavor bursts in your mouth.

As you all know filter coffee makers, coffee makers based on a piston or espresso ones, nowadays can be found everywhere quite easily so that a problem would be how to choose the best one for your early morning delight.

In general coffee makers are ideal for large families and heavy drinkers of coffee: they are economical and very easy to use. They are also the ideal machines for large meals with friends, because we can serve many cups in a fast and economical way.

To continue with there are such devices whose production cost is quite high and which are ideal for coffee lovers who like to have a choice for their taste, and who drink 2 to 3 cups of coffee per day.

An important aspect which must be considered is related to the filter and you have to know that filters made of paper are less polluting than those made of metal.

Another point is that these machines require proper maintenance as scaling is frequent and blocks the use of the machine.

Once the coffee maker purchased, it is important to maintain it to ensure its longevity. Nevertheless, if you have the same coffee maker for 15 years it might be time to think about a change...

Key Features to Look For

Here are the main features of different coffee makers. Some of them operate according to the Melitta system (named after its inventor, the German Meilitta Benz).

In a paper filter in general, or a metal one, coffee is poured, and then simmering water flows slowly over the coffee powder. The water mingles with the coffee delicate aromas and this new brown liquid pours into the pot located below the filter holder.

It should be noted that spraying the milling with cold water and then pouring warm water, will lead to an excellent aroma.

There can be purchased coffee makers based on a piston, manufactured by different companies, so that you can choose any model you want, the shape you want and the color you want.

The piston of the coffeemaker piston can be made of metal or plastic.

There are even a few models with a thermos to keep the coffee warm for a longer time. With the original model, the consumer must drink quickly or reheat coffee after the first cup.

Moreover, the espresso coffee maker can present exciting key features. For example the powder available for these machines can be enclosed in single doses, and only when you make it, the coffee is brought into contact with hot water, thus maximizing its conservation.

How to Choose a Coffee Maker

It all depends after all on your consumption of coffee and how you like it: big coffee drinkers generally prefer electric coffee makers because it takes less time and can easily keep the coffee hot coffee to the next one.

The espresso machines are also meant for frequent consumers, wishing quality, all the same. Nevertheless, they are expensive and if you do not use them properly their life can be quite short.

If coffee consumption is not that important for you, a filter and a plastic jug can be all you need for your guests.

A criterion according to which you can choose your coffee maker is the way you can keep it clean.

For example such devices must undergo general cleaning once or twice a year. It is possible to perform scaling with vinegar instead of using products designed specifically for this purpose.

Attention, however, too pure vinegar can be harmful to the coffeemaker. In addition, unlike specialized products, it can leave a nice taste back in the coffee.

In the case of piston coffee makers, you can choose those which can be cleaned with soap or mild detergents, after removing the glass. The filter can be removed for washing thoroughly, or simply rinsed with water after each use.

Types of Coffee Makers

There are many types of coffee makers availabe including

  • The French Press

  • Pod Coffee Makers

  • Drip Coffee Makers

  • Percolators

  • Espresso Machines

  • Vacuum Style Coffee Makers

  • Don't be confused. You can easily see the differences
    in our article types of home coffee makers

    The filter, pod and espresso are the most popular models.

    Filter coffee maker

    The coffeemaker filter is the machine most commonly found in homes everywhere in the world, because of its affordable price, speed (a coffee ready in 3 minutes) and the simplicity of the coffee making process.

    The coffee filter is made up of different materials: porcelain, earthenware, metal or Pyrex.

    As you know the process consists of pouring boiling water over ground coffee filter placed in a box located at the top of the coffeemaker while the lower part receives the liquid. The water drips slowly.

    For this type of coffee makers, the grinding average must be neither thin nor very raw, for this version it can be slightly grainy.

    The piston coffeemaker

    The principle of this coffee maker is very simple. As a first step, we boil water in a kettle. You can then put the desired quantity of coffee in the special coffee container.

    Then you can add hot water - but not boiling - or coffee might burn. It is important to brew then that coffee as it should take its full flavor. After 3 minutes, the mixture is filtered in the coffee maker based on the piston.

    The piston coffeemaker can also serve as a teapot. The Thermos model is ideal for owners of recreational vehicles as they are shock resistant.

    The average grinding can be rather clumsy (crystals) because the fine grain could damage the filter.

    The espresso machine

    The quality of the coffee produced with this kind of equipment has been amply demonstrated. The water runs through the milling under high pressure, thereby giving a full and dense drink.

    Taking into consideration that our advice is useful for you, all we have to say is happy shopping and enjoy your coffee irrespective of the moment of the day!

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