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Bennoti N-1001

by justin

$Bennoti N-1001 Espresso
and Cappuccino Maker

I love my espresso machine. These things are normally expensive, but I found one that is definitely worth its cost. It cost me just over a hundred dollars at Bed Bath and Beyond. The capsules that it take are really cheap considering some of the other brands out there. I have had mine for two years and it has made a perfect espresso for me every time.

I liked the design the most out of the other brands i looked at. It has a kind of retro look to it. It is solid black with metallic looking parts on it. The coffee comes pre-grounded in little capsules that are interchanged after every use. The machine works at a constant pressure of 20 bar, so it is not strong enough to where when something goes wrong it causes damage. The machine seems to last through a lot.

The first day I bought mine I took it out of the box and dropped it. It didn't leave a mark on the machine. I have used it about five times a week since I bought it. The steamer on the side is very handy an in a very convenient place to use. The whole machine comes about except for the core. The steamer attachment just screws off and the catcher under where the cup goes just slides off.

The machine is easy to clean and normally does not cause a splatter. The buttons are easy press buttons and light up when the water is hot, the steam is ready, and when the espresso is done. All and all, these things are expensive. I have seen the average price for a espresso maker to be around two hundred dollars. The cheaper ones always fall apart and never work well. For just over a hundred dollars I am very happy with the quality of my espresso maker.

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