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Baratza G385 Maestro Plus Coffee Grinder

The Baratza Maestro PLUS Coffee Grinder - G385 is a stylish coffee grinder for the home, which helps you get the right cup of coffee according to your taste. It is designed with

40 mm. conical burrs and 40 grind settings. With these features, you can get the right consistency of coffee grounds, from espresso to French Press. It has all the impressive

features of the Maestro and some extras to ensure convenience and flexibility.

Interior Features
  • Enjoy the silky smooth consistency brought by the German-made 40 mm conical burrs, which grinds your coffee beans according to how you want it. With the innovative

    calibration performed during manufacture, you get precision grinding that will give you the finest-tasting coffee you could ever want. Not only that, the unit is designed for

    easy user calibration. Turn the unit on and off with ease using the 60 second timer switch and the pulse button, which manually controls the on and off function.
  • The gear reduction system slows the spinning to 450 RPM so that the unit does not overheat and it keeps the consistency even. The anti-static design also helps you retain

    the coffee grounds with minimal waste.

    Exterior Features

  • Enjoy looking at the stylish exteriors of the Maestro Plus with its black body and brushed satin metal base. The stylish exterior makes this unit the perfect addition to

    any modern kitchen.
  • The pulse button sits on the front plate of the unit for easy acess to the on and off function, while a rotary dial made of silver finish is located on the side of the

    unit. You can easily get a view of the beans for grinding with the clear coffee bean container on top.
  • The 5-ounce grounds bin gives you a lot of room for more cups of coffee, making this unit perfect for home or office use. Get the most out of your coffee beans and save

  • Get the most life out of your machine with its Swiss-made grinding wheels that are known for their durability.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 7 inches
    Height: 14 inches
    Width: 5 inches
    Total number of volume or cups: 5 ounce grounds bin, 8 ounce bean hopper


    It has a solid weight and feel that allow for stability. This coffee grinder can produce a very good cup of coffee with the smooth consistency of the grounds.

    The unit is very easy to calibrate and clean. The plastic adjusting mechanism (which holds the grinder) is very easy to slip out and slide back in. You can enjoy low noise operation with this unit, which also produces less static so you waste less coffee beans. It offers a very good performance. It is durable, which means it can last for years with no problem.


    The unit tends to wobble when grinding. Some users complain about the amount of static they get with this kind of coffee grinder. It tends to misfeed and clog, and needs a good shake once in a while to dislodge clogged beans.


  • solid weight, feels stable and durable
  • produces smooth consistency of coffee grounds
  • durable, lasts for years
  • hassle-free cleaning and calibration


  • static sends grinds everywhere
  • tends to clog

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