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Baratza 585 Virtuoso Burr Coffee Grinder

The Virtuoso coffee/espresso grinder is one of the best in Baratza's lineup of coffee grinders that offer professional grinding ability for home and office use. The Baratza Virtuoso features 40 mm. conical burrs, which are responsible for producing the fine ground for that perfect espresso or French Press.

Interior Features
  • The commercial grade conical burrs are the heart of the machine, which grinds your coffee beans to perfection. Get uniform ground beans with this feature, which is made up of a conical burr grinder set (the upper and lower burr assemblies) that looks like an upside down cone. The grinder has a wide enough space in between burrs to precisely grind any style of coffee from espresso to drip or French Press, whichever you prefer.
  • Get the most out of your coffee beans with the anti-static design, which prevents ground coffee from flying all over the counter when you grind.

    Exterior Features

  • The stylish metal exterior makes this the perfect accessory to a modern kitchen. The black color gives it an elegant and modern finish.
  • Turn the grinder on or off manually with the pulse button. The pulse button makes sure that making a cup of espresso is very easy.
  • The Virtuoso coffee/espresso grinder is equipped with 8 oz bean hopper and 5 oz. grounds bin.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 7 inches
    Height: 14 inches
    Width: 5 inches
    Total number of volume or cups: 5 ounce grounds bin, 8 ounce bean hopper


    The Virtuoso is an affordable coffee grinder that uses commercial grade burrs. The over 40 settings for grinding allow you to choose the precise grinding setting to zero in on a particular taste. Grinding is uniform in a wide range of settings. Enjoy clean performance--no messy spills of coffee beans--when you grind.

    Grind-catcher fits into the machine snugly, preventing the grinds from flying all over the machine. The powerful motor helps you grind any kind of coffee beans with ease. Grinding is slow enough to give uniform texture without overheating the unit. Many people claim that this coffee grinder produces great-tasting coffee every time. Replacement parts for the Virtuoso are easy to find.


    When turned to the maximum setting, the grinder does not grind long enough to produce the right amount for 12 cups. You have to turn the timer on again if you really want to make a pot of 12 cups of coffee. The beans also tend to get caught up in the feeder so the grinder keeps running, but there are no beans being ground.

    This often happens with the larger and candy-coated beans. Ground retention is a bit much and there is a coating of powder on the inner walls of the container due to static after every grind. You can remove the retained grounds by smacking the machine lightly with the palm of your hand. The timer-knob on the side falls off easily, although you can easily attach it back on. You can forgo the use of the timer by using the pulse button instead. The grinder tends to have a lot of trouble with oily beans.


  • quiet performance
  • consistent grind
  • anti-static feature
  • easy to use
  • stylish and looks good on the kitchen counter


  • difficult to find the optimum grind setting
  • disassembly and calibration often required
  • beans get caught up in the feeder

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