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Bajaj CEX10 Coffee Maker

by panduranga kamath
(Harihar,karnataka, India)

Hi Friends, there is a famous saying that "habits die hard”, and a wise person knows which habit is good for him and which is not and he does not want to kill that habit which benefits him. What about coffee drinking habit? As per study reports on coffee consumption, it is good for health if consumed in limited quantity.

My family is a most orthodox and traditional one, our day starts with a cup of hot coffee. I am a witness to this culture for three generations. I have sipped coffee on the laps of my grand parents and parents; my son has tasted coffee years together along with me and hope this practice will continue for many generations to come in my family.

Last year I have celebrated my twenty fifth marriage anniversary which is an important mile stone any bodies married life and I received so many costly favors from my friends and relatives but the gift offered by my son, a coffee maker is the most precious to me one as well as to my wife. It is a beautiful compact coffee maker manufactured by none other than Bajaj industries which is a house hold name in India. The model is Bajaj CEX10 Coffee Maker. My wife liked this set not only because it is gifted by her beloved son for a special occasion but because of its user friendly aspects. My son has purchased this set from a Bajaj appliance dealer in Bangalore by paying around sixty dollars in the month of October 2007. My wife is able to serve coffee about six guests in no time since there is a provision of filling two cups at a time. According to my wife it is a great experience to make to make coffee in this coffee maker and she loves to make coffee from it. This set looks like very durable and I hope it may serve my family for next generation also.

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