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Bajaj CEX10 Coffee Maker

by heartly rayan
(chennai, TN, India)

hi friends,,

what else is better than to start the day with a cup of hot steaming cup of coffee.. and that too in south india the land of kappi(degree kappi).
technology has made us all lazy but some things are worth it like my baja cex10 coffee maker..
Well i had bought the coffee maker few months ago (approx 6 months, it was bought from a home appliance dealer named Viveks a south india based retail chain.

it cost arnd rs 3300 ( ~ $70).
I havent used any other coffee maker before except the coffee filter percolator which is very common in india.

it is ideal for making 2 or 3 cups of coffee, so it gets difficult to make coffee for a whole family at once.

the glass container for coffee brew and the level indicator in the container is very useful for making a perfect cup.The machine itself is very compact so can be easily used and stored(well at home its always on the kitchen used regularly)
There is a facility for making the milk to froth which is ok so is the different controls along with indicators for brew ready.

The handles are comfortable made of carbon fiber easy to use clean and handle, also it doesn't transfer the heat from the machine to hand.
Quick and Easy are the words i would like to say about this product in simple word.

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