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Antique drip coffee maker

by Darlene
(Ottawa, KS USA)

The best every day coffee maker I have ever had is an antique drip coffee pot. I bought it about 4 years ago at a flea market. It is a 4 cup pot that comes apart into a lid, an upper drip compartment and the lower pot. You put your coffee grounds in the drip compartment and pour hot water over it, put the lid on, and put it on the burner to drip into the lower pot. I will have it forever as there are no cords or parts to wear out. It makes the best cup of coffee anywhere!

I have a similar 18 cup pot I also bought at a flea market. We use it when we have company and need to have more coffee than just that cup in the morning for the 2 of us. My husband is a long time Boy Scout leader. He took this pot on a camp out and it made such a hit with the leaders that we bought another like it off Ebay and donated it to the troop.

Both of these pots can be washed in hot soapy water without worrying about the electric plug-ins. Both are conversation pieces and make excellent coffee.

We don't even use an electric pot anymore since these make so much better flavored coffee.

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