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Aerobie Aeropress Espresso Maker

by Donelle
(Dumont, NJ, USA)


Aerobie Aeropress

In my quest to find a machine for cappuccino/coffee/espresso for my boyfriend for Christmas, I stumbled upon the Aeropress online. He has a love for espresso drinks in general and I needed something that was going to get me an authentic rich espresso flavor without waiting forever and without making it über tough for him to understand. He’s not a morning person and if he would have to actually think about the machine it would never work for him. Also, because I don’t drink coffee, we didn’t need some huge machine to make 10 cups of espresso.

Anyway, I decided to get the Aeropress because it seemed easier than the typical French press and it cost A LOT LESS than your average espresso/cappuccino machine, which can run you anywhere from $80-4,000 and even as a non-coffee drinker, I don’t think a good cup of joe is worth that much. I purchased the pot online through Amazon and got a better deal, costing me only $36.50 with shipping. I followed the directions myself after he opened it up to test out its “easy” level. It’s absolutely simple. We just boil a pot of water in our tea kettle- which is my choice of drink. I let the pot sit for about 5 minutes, as they recommend not pouring steaming boiling water atop your grounds. Then it sits a few seconds and you press away- you’ll get a great upper arm workout at this point.

He adores this and it’s just perfect for all of his espresso needs- it makes a lovely (in his opinion) cup of coffee as well, but don’t forget to dilute it!!! He made that mistake and set up his “coffee” only to find he took a huge gulp of pure espresso (this was in the beginning and he wasn’t thinking). He especially loves being able to have a cappuccino whenever he wants and however many he wants.

I think the little thing is great because there’s no electricity involved, it’s easy to clean and keeps me from having a huge espresso machine on my little kitchen counter.

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