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by Dave
(Albuquerque N.M.)

I like the coffee maker; however, the coffee pot always spills coffee whenever I or someone else in the office pours a cup. Lucky for us we have a sink next to the coffee maker so we can pour the coffee over the sink and then so what if it spills. I have a Mr. coffee at home and it never spills a drop. (It has a different design for the spout.)Could be that I have a defective coffee pot spout. Maybe Sunbeam could send me another coffee pot to replace the one I have. (If they were so inclined.)I can be reached at 505-261-0235, Dave. Other than that, all is well. I'm drinking the coffe as I type this review and I hope that whoever is reading this will have a fantastic day filled with joy and happiness and whatever good things that might come along.

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